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50 hp. Case pulling 8-botom John Deere plow. Engine owned by Art Kosted and H. G. Bomhoff. Plow is owned by Lyman Knapp of Blackwell, Oklahoma. Art is the engineer. Taken at Waukomis steam threshing show in July 1970.
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28 hp. Minneapolis and 40 in. Case separator owned by H. G. Bomhoff, Calumet, Oklahoma, and Art Kosted of Oklahoma City. Picture taken at the Waukomis steam threshing show in July 1970. H. G. Bomhoff is the engineer.
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Top photo is 1883 Frick Portable Engine taken at the Ray Magnuson Farm at Emerson, Nebraska, on September 15, 1970. It shows 1884 Belle City hand feed separator. Owner is Henry Kluser in white cap in front of separator. Bottom snap is Todd Houlsworth on s
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The Fire-proof Champion Traction Engine on the road. More easily guided and handled than a team; safer in dangerous places; costs no more than a good team; and after the threshing season is over, costs nothing to keep while idle. (Copied from the Waterous
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These two pictures are of Mike Young's sawmill (about 1900) located south of Zelienople, Pennsylvania, near Burry's church. In the picture on the right, notice the rear wheel taken off the traction engine and leaning against the tree. Also notice the man
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50 hp. Case owned by Art Kosted, Oklahoma City, and H. G. Bomhoff, of Calumet, on incline at Waukomis steam threshing show at Waukomis, Oklahoma, in July 1970. Art is the engineer.
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20 hp. Huber owned by Martens Brothers, Fairview, Oklahoma. David Martens is the engineer. Taken July 1970 at Waukomis steam threshing show.
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This sure is a large boiler. Picture taken at 1969 Pion-Era. Sign reads: 40 hp. Reeves Steam Engine. We are rebuilding the only known 40 hp. Reeves in Canada. We need parts - can you help us?
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Gaar-Scott 22 hp. on location season of 1969. Owned and used by Clarence Reed - the boy in the picture. Taken at Girard, Ohio. Well service operation.

There was no courtesy name on this one and it was found in a box
of old pictures. Thought you would like to see it – Anna Mae.

Is this traction engine a Farquhar?

Mike Young was an Uncle to my grandfather.


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