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The Geiser on the saw mill at Pion-Era 1969.
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Photo taken on September 20,1970, during the Lafayette Indiana Home Hospital Fair. The Illiana Steam and Hobby Club faithfully exhibits each year with log-sawing, meal grinding cider pressing, etc. Shown above is Leonard Mann's 1917 Case Engine, No. 34091
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To the right Mr. Nipper explains his Advance-Rumely to an interested viewer. I have no data on engine to left. (That engine is Miss Dottie and has been pictured in our magazine before - has been to the shows. - Anna Mae.)
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The Oderkirk Museum's noisiest member - ''Smokey Joe'' - Popular too! ''Smokey Joe'' No. 97 gives the tourists a treat.
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J. G. Warnock on 8 hp. Case at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
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The Red River Special - Nichols & Shepard engine pulling fan at 1969 Pion-Era.
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Kitten engine at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. J. G. Warnock in foreground.
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Model Nichols & Shepard engine, at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
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6 hp. Nichols & Shepard at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

The engineer was Ezra Coats of Templeton, Ind. (seated), who
with a group of school children, posed on the rear platform.
Permeating the atmosphere

under the giant oak trees at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds,
was a pleasant aroma of brewing coffee, oily steam, saw-dust, corn
meal, fresh apples, and soft coal smoke. This made the older
generation of spectators look, linger and reminisce sweet memories
of long ago.

The Illiana Steam & Hobby Club was founded on April 29,1956.
The annual Home Hospital Fair is ten years old and attracts throngs
of visitors.


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