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An information shot of the officers of the Wisconsin Historical Steam Rodeo Inc., of algena, Wisconsin. They yearly feature the daring steam, engine races at the Luxemburg, Wisconsin, Fairgrounds. From the expression on their faces they must have somethin
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A wonderful threshing scene. Depicting Canada's Great Open Spaces. Mr. Spreem an doing his threshing, October, 1957. It is a Case outfit. A65 hp. engine and a 36-58 Thresher.
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Mr. Spreeman does plowing with his 65. Here he is breaking alfalfa sod at Olds, Alberta, Canada in 1956 pulling an 8-bottom John Deere plow. Good fireman No smoke. Fact is all that outfit needs is Elmer to be standing on the platform
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This is the power end of Mr. Spreeman's outfit. Mr. Chris Busch, Colton, Washington, came up for the doings and did the engineers job. He seems to fit the 65 pretty well
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Mr. Hoffman sends us this picture of Fred McPhail, West minister Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada. All who know Fred love him. He has been in the hospital for some time and we wanted him to know we think of him and to prove it write him a letter or send
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60 hp. Case, serial No. 34768, owned by Garriott Coombs, R. D.l, Campbellsburg, Kentucky.
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Oats threshing in North Dakota, 1957. This was completing a weeks' run with a 28 inch Huber machine. We thresh on an average of 150 acres every year. Mr. Ausk, who is standing on the machine is also owner. He feeds 200 head of Herfords. The rig is run by
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Shades of Jimmy Watt! The Erie engine in the picture is said to be 80 years old and is still going strong, and running on a wood foundation. The boiler at Parker's Mill proudly displays its Casey-Hedges emblem on the smoke box doors in addition to some fo
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This is a 3hp. Fairbanks Morse Z Oil engine. Burns gasoline or fuel oil. It is owned by Donald E. Robbins and his Dad is buzzing slab wood at their sawmill. It will saw slab wood as fast as I can carry the slabs. I get lots more enjoyment out of sawing sl
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Reading from left to right: Orwin C. Burmeister, Sec., Kewaunee,
Wis.; Leo Durst, Pres.; Orval Becker, Director; and James Robas,
Treas.; all of Algona, Wisconsin

Here is a snapshot of my daughter Roberta, age 19, who is
preparing my 20 hp. Minneapolis for a trip around the parade
ground. Seeing her operate this engine and the thrill she gets from
it reminds me and carries me back in thoughts of my first
experiences of operating an engine. Roberta’s interest in
engines sure has been a big help to me in preparing engines and
equipment for scheduled showings and in building a family hobby.
She enjoys the way steam engines respond to her touch. This
Minneapolis was shipped new to Jasper Rice, about 1922 at Jasper,
Missouri, and was used for threshing in that community for about 15
years, being well cared for and fairly well preserved. I obtained
it in 1955, making her first showing in operation, July, 1956, with
only a few more repairs to be made she is in excellent condition
and has won the admiration of the entire family even though none of
us were Minneapolis admirers before she came into our collection.
In other words steam engines can win their home with any one who
will try to understand them.

BY W. LEROY GLESSNER Mechanicsburg, Pa.

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