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ALBUM readers from the Cut over the Country in Northern Wisconsin, Where Timber Talks.
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Durward Steinmetz, La Forge, Wisconsin, and his 24hp. Minnie No. 8673 threshing oats in 1956. Durward has three engines besides this one. Case 40, and 20 Advance ide mount. He keeps them for work as well as play. Sawing, steaming tobacco beds and threshin
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12hp. Gasoline engine built by the Geiser Manufacturing Company, of Waynesboro, Pa. Picture about 1910.
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A winter picture They are scarce. Gilmar Johnsons Advance doing her stuff on a McCormick-Deeringr shredder. Engineer, none other than Nyle Kurth, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Feeding the shredder is Jerry Erickson, Grantsbury, Wisconsin. Tossing bundles, Ra
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Durward Steinmetz loading Bud Budenskis 22hp. Advance in September, 1955. Louis Budenski, West Concord, Minn., in the background.
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Mr. John H. Achey, Dresser, Wisconsin, says this is one of his prize possessions. We think it is too.
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Here are two of our men who are now deceased but had been very active in The Richland County Steam Threshers Club, Ohio. The man in the foreground is Cletus Weyer of Sandusky, Ohio, with his Model Gaar Scott engine. The man with his back to us is W. Russe
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20hp. Advance looking her best at the Saginaw Valley Live Steam Association, July 28, 1957. From left to right are Robert Nelson, Harry Forshee and G. W. Topham. That Advance looks so proud and nice that you hardly notice the men.
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Nelson Howards 50 Case at the Indiana State Corn Picking Contest, Indiana State Hospital, New Castle, Indiana, October 11, 1958. The man with the cane is Lawrence Ratliff, Shirley, Indiana, and the other is Mr. Howards grand son-in-law, Carl Waln, of New
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This engine belongs to Clayton & Dickson at the above address. Mr. Clayton says, ?I am sending you a picture of our steam engine since we put it on rubber. My father threshed with steam in Carlyle, Sask., Canada. He owned a Massey-Sawyer compound, so w
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Mr. William T. Ries sends us this picture saying it is a Model Russell engine and a Case separator. Not a live steamer but runs with a tiny electric motor in the tool box. Really an idea.
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Mr. Leon Olson, Salem, South Dakota, cutting: oats in 1924 with his 1918 Fordson pulling the binder. Mr. Olson says, I am nearly 83 years old and I am still fascinated by the steam engine. I have boiled a lot of water and throttled a lot of steam. I learn

Engine and Mill owned by Wm. Rew (center) and his father, of
Mercer, Wisconsin. Left, John L. Lemke, Manitowish, Wisconsin, who
fires the 45 Case No. 14126, just for fun which proves the point,
‘Engines make men out of boys and boys out of men.’ Picture
courtesy of James Rew, Mercer, Wisconsin. Taken in 1957


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