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Mrs. A. L. Heiland takes A. L.s picture as he comes home from threshing his wheat in 1956. That is a Huber 16hp. No. 11536 and is owned by A. L. Heiland, Anna, Ohio
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The Ell Gasoline Engine. Made by the Moline Pump Co., Moline, Illinois. Taken from their catalog in which we could find no date.
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The M. Rumely Company Thresher of the year 1904
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16hp. Huber owned by Mr. J. C. Tangen of Blue Grass, Iowa. The picture was taken at the Steam, Show, 1957.
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Mr. Amer Cook, of Washington, Illinois, elected President of the Central States Engine Show, Pontiac, January 31, 1959, replacing: Mr. Clarence Stoller.
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Mr. Tom J. Dorn, R. D. 5, Beatrice, Nebraska, and the engine he built. One inch bore by two inch stroke. Runs on air or steam.
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A Pacific Type passenger Locomotive that took Mr. George Wollenschlager, Danvers, Illinois, four years of spare time to build. Length of engine and tender, 27 inches; fire bix 3x3. There are nine flues 3/8 inch and made of copper; cylinders are inch diame
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George Bronsons 20-40 Oil Pull; James Bransons 30-50 Oil Pull; and Elwin Bronsons 15-25 Oil Pull before they were restored. The Bronsons bought them in the Fall and Spring, 1954-55.
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The Line Up at the Gilmar Johnsons, Frederic, Wisconsin. Frank Miller ahead, then Mrs. Gilmar Johnson and Mrs. Frank Miller. Mrs. Miller says, We sure had fun that day. That was August 12th, 1958.
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This is Georges father with 1924 model G 20-40 Oil Full plowing wheat in the fall of 1955. George says they have nine Oil Pulls in the family ranging in size from 12-20 to a 30-60 type S.
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Here are the Bronson engines as they were exhibited at the 1956 Michigan Live Steam Show. Also prominently placed at the end of the Line-up is a 12-24 Waterloo Boy owned by a friend, Phillip Welsh.

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