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Case 60 No. 34241 owned by Frank Frahm - threshing July 1958. Henry Michelsen, Engineer.
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This is to tell you that Harold (Job) Anderson of Washington, Iowa, one of the wheel-horses of the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association suffered a fatal heart attack on Friday, January 12th. This is a photo I took of him several years ago when h
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This photograph shows Bert Greenwalt, member of the Pioneer Threshermens Club and business man of Saskatoon having his ups and downs.
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20-40 Oil Pull at the 1961 H. G. Bomhoff Show. Owned by Russell Hoffman, Hinton, Okla., and a member of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association.
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1912 Greyhound Rambler. Eight Passenger. Known as the Thomas Jeffery car. John Loffelmacher, Fairfax, Minn. is the 6th owner. He bought it in 1920.
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Here is a picture of an unusual tractor, the Victor, built by Victor Tractor Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota 1919, 34 B. H. P., 4 cylinder.
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An early effort at tractor harvesting. My own, 1920. An old Deering Binder, 1918 Waterloo Boy tractor. Somewhat primitive controls, as you will note. Alright as long as you were going straight ahead! Could easily get in some awkward tangles otherwise. My
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Here are two real nice engines built by John A. Hull, R. D. 1, New Berlin, Pa. Mr. Hull is at the controls of the smaller engine while his son, George W. Hull, Gettysburg, R.D. handles the big job. Both machines were featured at the annual Williams Grove
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Old 26 H. P. Compound Advance pulling two four bottom gangs, the water tank and dragging a harrow. Plowing for wheat in the Fall, near my old home in Illinois, about 1909.
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This was my father's 22hp Advance bought new in 1914. My father was a thresherman for about 45 years, threshing and shelling corn. I spent about 30 years with steam engines and still love them. Started running engines for my father when I was about 13. We
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A picture of Ken's uncles' outfit with which he threshed in the La Harpe, Illinois area about 1901. He thinks the engine is an Advance but does not know what make the separator is. The men in the picture from left to right; Clay Nudd, owner of the outfit,
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A string of nine Kecks at the Highland (Ill.) Show of American Thresherman Association. They are left to right - Cox Bros., Double 22; Amos Rixman, single 22; Fred Kommer's single 18; Fred Leukis single 20; George Bahrie's single 18; Edwin Eddleman's doub
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Steam in all its glory on the Midland Electric Coal Corporation located on Route 116, 8 miles west of Farmington, Illinois.
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Gov. Rosellin, of Washington, standing by Case Separator. Photo taken at the Western Washington Threshing Bee.

The elder Mr. Hull built the little engine in 1959 and the big
one in time for the 1960 meet. Statistics on the larger engine
follow: Length 10 ft. 9 in.; height 6 ft. 11 in.; 18 in. boiler
with 13-2 inch flues; 5 x 7 cylinders; 10/20 International tractor
wheels; 50 gal. water tank and rates 7hp at 199 lbs. boiler
pressure. Information on the little engine was not available at the
time of publication.

Both Mr. Hull and his son are charter members of the Williams
Grove group of enthusiasts and George is presently serving as

(Editor’s note – Since this news item was received for
publication, we learned of the death of Mr. John \. Hull, which
occurred in December, 1961. Mr. Hull wars widely known throughout
the central Pennsylvania area and will be sadly missed by the many
friends he made among the steam engine enthusiasts.)

You knew him well, I’m sure. He was everywhere during the
reunions as well as before and after the event helping to get ready
and then cleaning up.

Much of the success of these events was due to his hard work. He
will be greatly missed.

He had many friends and acquaintances among the Iron-Men and

We are happy to report that Mr. Greenwalt has, up to the present
time at least, had exactly as many downs as he has ups. We would
hate to think of Mr. Greenwalt being left up at the top all during
a Canadian winter.

Although this picture was taken at the Pion-Era in 1961, Mr.
Greenwalt was doing exactly the same thing over forty years ago.
Employed by the Hart Parr Company to demonstrate the tractor’s
flexibility and ease of control, Mr. Greenwalt made the Saskatoon
and Regina exhibitions, attracting a great deal of attention.

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