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Courtesy of Howard Moyers, 309 East 7th Ave., Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002. J. I. Case 110 hp. No. 24150, owner, J. J. Hingtgen taken at the Mississippi Valley Steam show, Sept. 1964. Mr. Harry Woodmansee, engineer.
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Courtesy of F. E. Gallagher, 1900 Beacon Drive, Eugene, Oregon. Here is a picture of the Johnson Brothers Plowing Outfit.
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Courtesy of Mr. A. G. Weidman, R. 3, Wooster, Ohio. The steam calliope which, I pulled with my engine the last two years. It is played by Mrs. Ralph Weidman and owned by Mr. Roy Conn, R. 6, Wooster, Ohio. We were in four different parades and two reunions
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Courtesy of Howard Moyers, 309 East 7th Ave., Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002. H. Moyers at Mr. J. J. Hingtgen's Mississippi Valley Steam Show Sept. 1964 and his 9 hp Case No. 21693, sure a dandy little engine.
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Courtesy of Mr. Henry J. McMillan, Galva, Illinois. H. J. McMillan is probably the only locomotive salesman in the world that carries live samples with him. This picture shows a 15-inch Locomotive 1966 Model that is mounted on a trailer and runs on rolle
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Courtesy of Mr. Christ Christenson, Baker, Montana. Here, is a picture of a 32 HP Port Huron.
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Courtesy of F. Hal Higgins, Box 214, Davis, California. This picture of the undermounted Avery proudly did the honors at the belt in threshing the two stacks of bundles at the Busch Annual Steam Threshing Day. Everybody wanted to ride it, pull the whistle
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Courtesy of Mr. Ray Kestel, Manhattan, Illinois. This picture appeared in the Joliet, Illinois Herald News. Mr. Kestel obtained permission from the Herald News to use this picture in the Iron-Man Album.
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Courtesy of Mrs. Otto Wolner, Butterfield, Minnesota. A Case 65 Steamer pulling a 2850 Case Separator threshing oats in 1964. Owner is Otto A. Wolner of Butterfield, Minnesota. Mr. Wolner has since retired from farming but has retained his steamer and goe
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Courtesy of C. R, Miller, Route I, Box 3-A, Yacolt, Wash. Here is a picture of Paul Schurman with his 6 HP Russell dragging logs to the mill. This was taken at the Western Steam Friends Affair at Miller's on July 21st and 22nd, 1956.
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Courtesy of Earle S. Eckel, Sr., R.R. 1, Box 66, Highway 2 Washington, New Jersey 07882. Stanley Steamer, 1903 - 6 hp. engine 2' x 3'. 6 hp. Boiler 14' x 13'. Rev. Elmer Ritzman of Enola, Pennsylvania being chauffered by Earle S. Eckel
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Courtesy of Mr. Clarence Fortun, R. 1, Viola, Wisconsin 54664. Here is a picture of my 20 H.P. Rumely Maste Gear Engine, No. 4532. This engine has been well cared for and is in very good shape.
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Courtesy of Donald Schultz, Macedonia, Iowa. This picture was made from glass plate found in effects of the late Adolph Schultz of Silver City, Iowa. Picture was taken in early 1900 near Silver City. Power is by Stillwater. Names of men in photo are unkno

Antique farm machinery will be on display July 31 and Aug. 1 at
the annual thresherman’s reunion at the Ray Kestel farm, three
miles south of New Lenox on Cedar Road. Here Kestel, right, and his
son Kenneth stand behind an old steam engine which will be
connected to an antique thresher in the background. Other steam
engines, old autos and out-dated farm equipment will be on display
and in operation. Rest and refreshment facilities will be in a tent
on the grounds.

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