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Courtesy of Ralph Hussong, R.R. 2, Camp Point, Illinois 62320
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Courtesy of Hollis Cortelyou, Higgins, Texas 79046 Advance outfit threshing in Kansas 1908.
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Courtesy of James C. Houlsworth, Anthon, Iowa 51004. An M. Rumely engine and Case separator taken in the fall of 1916. You will notice that the separator has a Sattely swinging stacker. That is me on the left side of the engine.
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Courtesy of Warren Barkely, R. 1, Box 15, Albion, Michigan 49224. This is a picture of a drawing and painting 20 x 44 inches that I did for a friend. I enjoy the Iron Men Album in my research and drawing of threshing and farm machinery and their adaptatio
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Courtesy of Roy Hartman, 32 Maryland Ave., Washington, D. C. 20028 A Peerless Geiser Traction Engine at Berryville, Virginia Show.
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Courtesy of Anthony Moorman, R.R. 6, Greensburg, Indiana 47240

I don’t recall that there has been many pictures of ROBINSON
engines in the ALBUM so am sending you this one.

This picture was taken by my wife while we were threshing at the
Walter Wartick farm 3 miles south east of Columbus, Illinois on
August 11, 1935. I was owner and operator of this engine at that

This photo was taken October, 1967 on the farm of Martin Wolter,
my son-in-law. He has one of the most modern dairy barns in this
part of the country. The silo is 18 feet by 60 feet They had a farm
tractor belted to the blower but didn’t have enough power to
blow the ensilage up, so we brought our 22 H.P. Advance Rumely
down. It took just five minutes to unload one of the big wagons.
Everybody was surprised to see how easy the engine handled it.

This is a stereoscope picture and is a new feature of this
magazine and will have a different picture each issue. If you will
cut it out on the heavy lines and paste on light cardboard with
rubber cement you will have a three dimensional picture you can
view in the old fashioned steroscope viewer glasses. If you like it
let Roy know and us too! – Anna Mae

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