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1/8'' scale 20 x 70 Nichols & Shepard steam engine. One year of spare time work for Stanley E. Baringer, 304 S. 4th St., Le Sueur, Minnesota. Weight is 87 pounds. Detailed even down to differential. Stanley is a fine machinist. Courtesy of Eldon C. Braun
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Note four bundle pitchers and two wagons feeding the big separator. Courtesy of Edmund A. Schott, 2203 Montague Road, Rockford, Illinois 61102.
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Tom Nicholson and engines at the roundhouse. Courtesy of Clarence E. Mitcham, Route 1, Mead, Washington 99021.
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1/8'' scale 50 hp. Case steam engine. Took one year of spare time to build by Stanley E. Baringer., Le Sueur, Minnesota. Weight is 78 pounds. Courtesy of Eldon C. Braun, Le Center, Minnesota 56057.
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Courtesy of Edmund A. Schott, 2203 Montague Road, Rockford, Illinois 61102.
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Albert Meicho and Tom Nicholson's engine. Courtesy of Clarence E. Mitcham, Route 1, Mead, Washington 99021.
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A 30 hp. Huber and sawmill owned by Frank L. S. Partz in the middle 20's. The man at the lumber is Alphons Ecklund and the other man is Engineer Drantlaw. Courtesy of C. E. Code, Dundas, Minnesota 55019.
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In the mill picture, my brother A. L. Code is sitting on log, S. Partz pinning down the log and Ecklund is piling lumber. Courtesy of C. E. Code, Dundas, Minnesota 55019.
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Mrs. Mitcham and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Meicho and a view of the tracks and river. Courtesy of Clarence E. Mitcham, Route 1, Mead, Washington 99021.

Beautiful 17 inch Bell from early wood-burning locomotive, 3
rings around skirt, ornate brass side mounts, sounds and looks like
plenty of silver used in its construction. Found at Honeye Falls
Museum. Similar one can be seen on wood burning locomotive in Ford
Museum, Dearborn, Michigan. Want $1250. Have two dozen others, half
of them locomotive, several steam driven, size 10 to 17 inches.
Average price, this lot, $300.00. Also whistle collection,
including 3 graduated on one stem. Would like to sell wholesale to
one interested party equipped with truck and cash. If interested
please send 75 cents with large self-addressed, stamped envelope
for 5 page descriptive list and prices. Photos loaned, one dollar.
Money refunded if lists and photos are returned with
self-addressed, stamped envelope. J. George Walters, 7303 Old State
Road, Pavilion, New York 14525. Phone 584-3251.

Before getting ready for our show in Kings, Illinois, we took
three days off and saw the large collection at the Miller Museum
south of La Crosse, Indiana, and also Glenn Thomas’ fine
collection at Ottowa, Illinois. Mrs. Miller’s museum is open to
the public for a voluntary donation. I noticed someone had thanked
her by stealing nameplates from two one cylinder IHC tractors and
from the type ‘E’ 30-60 Oil Pull. I hate to think there are
people like that in the hobby, but it’s probably not a hobby
for them anyway.

In October we took a trip down the Oregon and California
Highways 101 and 1. On our way back we stopped to see how Albert
Meicho’s little Great Northern Engine was coming along. He
wanted me to stay over a day and took us down to Shady Dell about 2
miles from Molalla, Oregon. It was the first time for me, but hope
I can go again in the summertime.

Mr. Meicho gave me some literature on it and I’m forwarding
it to you. The three pictures above were taken at Shady Dell.

Now a little information on Shady Dell The Pacific Northwest
Live Steamers was organized in 1963 to build and operate live steam
scale-model locomotives, steam boats and stationary engines.

The trackage is located on two acres of park-like ground 30
miles south of Portland, 2 miles east of Molalla in Shady Dell on
the Molalla River. The trackage, consisting of 3800 feet of
three-rail track, originally built by Harry Harvey, was given to
the club when organized. A corporation within the club is
purchasing the real estate on a ten year contract. The mainline is
1400 feet of double track, 3 rail 4 and 7 inch gauge. Facilities
consist of two turntables, steaming bays, water hoses, water tank,
air, coaling, tower, fuel oil tank, round house and 20 stall car
house. Track is mainly on ground. Fills and three bridges cross
waterways, with interlocking tower, sidings, service tracks, ten
electrically operated switches, boating, swimming and picnic

A caretaker lives on the property. Non-members are welcome to
bring and operate their engines. The club meets five times a year
and operates every Sunday, May to October.

The Pacific Northwest Live Steamers address is 1425 S. E.
Flavel, Portland, Oregon, which is the address of the President of
the organization, Harry S. Harvey. Vice president is Clyde Phillips
of 1144 S. E. Miller, Portland, and the Secy.-Treas. is Mary V.
Beebe of 5258 S. W. Humphrey Blvd., Portland, Oregon.


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