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An A. W. Stevans Calendar for 1894. It was in colors and for that reason did not reproduce very well. It does give the idea. Sent by Charles Quick, Auburn, New York.
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The Flail was the first mechanical thresher. Here is an idea someone had to speed up the threshing job. It was also, powered with a water wheel. As we get the report, the trouble with it was that the pins that raised t

Here is an interesting engine built by L. K. Wood of Mendon,
Utah. He says in part about it ‘I procured a double cylinder
steam motor from a Locomobile auto. Got a 1929 chasis from a
Chevrolet and also an upright boiler and went to work. After
completing the job last fall I gave it the first test. It was
amazing what power, efficiency, economy and ease of control. It
climbed these hills in the Rockies as well as any tractor built. I
then hooked my half size Aultman and Taylor ‘Dixie’
separator I built, to it and steam pressure raised from 70 to 80
pounds. Drives the separator at full speed on 70 pounds. Can easily
travel 10 miles per hour. No clutch, no geared reverse but a
Stevenson link. No brake or gear shift. Carry enough coal and water
to run half a day. For more particulars and details send stamped
envelope to Mr. Wood.

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