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Mr. R. E. Alexander of Bourbon, Mo., sends us this interesting picture saying I am enclosing a picture of my 1889 16 hp. Jumbo. Old Jumbo is my choice pet and sets under my choice maple tree in my front yard. This engine is in A-1 condition.
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1880 Robert L. George engine of 6 hp. It was made at New Lisbon, New York. This is the way it looked when I got it home.
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Here is the picture today. Carries 40 lbs. and runs well on 5 lbs. It does not weigh a ton. It is owned by Wm. Van Atta, 26 Richard St., Johnson City, N. Y. Mr. Van Atta says the engine is for sale.
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20 hp. Gaar Scott Return Flue with drop firebox engine and a Minneapolis 36x60 Separator. T. N. Miller, owner, and Ed. Nienstedt, Antelope, Kansas, engineer. It was Ed., who gave us this picture.
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Four horses in a Sweep Power at the Bough and Tumble Engineers Reunion at Kinzers, Pa.,1954. The horses are the property of Samuel King, Paradise, Pa., and are driven by Raymond Smoker, of Bird-In-Hand, Pa.
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The Rough and Tumble Railroad train at the end of the run. This engine was built in the shops of the Arthur S.Young Co., Kinzers, Pa. It was a free ride and every one took advantage. It was the source of a lot of joy. We will have more on this engine in a
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16h p. Frick Traction No. 21041. There is a Frick Thresher in the barn, and both are owned by Albert S. John-son, Washington, Pa. Mr. Johnson is at the controls. The engine was built in 1922 and is still being kept in first class condition for the next jo
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Mr. Frank R. Davis, Curator of Mechanical Arts, The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, sends us these two pictures of the Four Wheeled Drive traction in the Museum. We are pleased to have them and know you will be more than pleased to ha

On page 17 of the sept-oct., issue of the album you will find a
letter from baxter, iowa, unsigned. It was sent to us by c. J.
Butler of baxter, iowa. Here is further explanation.

The church rented a farm and it is being farmed cooperatively by
the members. Our cover shows them threshing the crop of oats. The
engine on the right belongs to c. J. Butler and is pulling a 32×52
advance rumley belonging to otto schurman and on the left is an
outfit belonging to donnell dectrich and is a 22 advance rumley
engine and a 40×62 case thresher. This group cleared $5900.00 last
year for the parsonage. Mr. Butler does not say what denomination
they are but from the cooperation and interest it should be


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