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The Mighty Russell of O.W. Bowen of Woodman, Wls. The crank is too close center for comfort except that it is a Russell -no center
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Case15-30 Canada Special 1922 Model. This engine is owned and enjoyed by Gust Harrmann, Hutchinson, Minn.
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Mr R.B. Caryell, Star Route, West Union, Ohio, operating his saw mill with 16 hp. Baker April 24th, 1954. This is one of the best saw mill pictures we have had. I am wondering who the off bearer is
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Frick engine down to work threshing. Owned and operated by C. W. Thornhill, Culpeper, Va. The engine was bought in 1914 and has threshed continuously since and has handled nearly a half million bushels of grain in its time. This picture was taken i
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Frank Frahm's engine and separator threshing in August, 1954. Frank is separator man and Henry Michelson is engineer. Sent by Mr. Michelson, Garwin, Iowa.
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22 hp Port Huron Double Tandem Compound. High pressure cylinder is 41/2x10 and the low pressure is 7x10. Other dimensions same as the 19 Port Huron. This engine was formerly owned by Louis David and is now somewhere in Illinois. Courtesy of Floyd Myers, 5

Mr. M. L. Winter K. D. 1, Hellam, Pa., was foreman in the
Flinchbaugh Factory at York, Pa., and is still enthusiastic about
steam and gas tractors. This is his lineup of the tractors he has
collected. The first on the left is a belt driven tractor. The
second is one he built himself while in the factory learning the
machinists trade. The third is 11/2 hp. Flinchbaugh and the fourth
is a late model 2 hp. Flinchbaugh that had a design away ahead of
his time. He had the only reversible gas engine that we know
anything about. We hope to have an article on these engines and
Company in a future issue.

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