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Peanuts caught in a snow storm in early December, 1954. This is a southern Viginia scene. They tell me this is the way the peanuts look before they are hauled to the separator. It will be a familiar sight to many of our subscribers but something new to hu
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This is the right hand engine of my pair of Fowler Cable plough engines. 10 N hp. These engines are rated 145 indicated hp. Weighs 181/2 tons working. Courtesy of F.E. Cheffins, England
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My left hand engine of my pair of Fowlers, driving it myself. I have not been able to use these engines the past three years because of labor difficulties. Courtesy of F. E. Cheffins, England
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Mr. B. E. Richards of R. D. 2, Burton , Ohio, sends us this 3/4 scale Model of a 4-8-4 type locomotive. The two on the left are Harriett, his wife, and Rusty the dog. We would be glad for further data on the engine but Mr. Richards did not know how intere
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Courtesy of S. S. Sargent, of Charleston, III., brother of Paul.
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Courtesy of S. S. Sargent, Charleston, Illinois.
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A long time ago Mr. N. B. Nelson of Rollag, Hawley P. O., Minn., sent us this picture of his 20hp. Case engine threshing on a beautiful day in August. The engine is 45 years old and runs so smooth and easy that it is a pleasure to take care of it. If you
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Smiling Steam Engine Joe Rynda, Jr., of Montgomery, Minnesota, with a new baby. 16hp. return flue Avery No. 309 built about 1896. This picture taken January 12th, 1955, and not July or August.
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20hp. Huber plow engine in a saw mill where A. E. Atteberry and Son, of Blackwell, Oklahoma, bought it. A. E. Atteberry on the left and Paul Rudruff at the right. In the steam engine hey-day we knew a contractor who had several traction engines on his wor

The GaarScott coming down the road in 1900. This picture was
made by Paul Turner Sargent, of Charleston, III., who was an artist
and used this and other pictures in working out threshing scenes
for paintings. Most of these have been sold though out the

Here is a beautiful picture of the old days. Another of Paul
Turner Sargent’s pictures. The Editor of the ALBUM likes this
picture because it recalls memories of following the binder and
shocking the grain.

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