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The group of Engineers at the Pontiac Reunion, 1957. A glossy 8x10 print of this picture may he had from Leo Clark, Washington, Illinois
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Boiler in the Erwin Hardwood Company Saw Mill. Diameter of the barrel is 5 feet; 5 feet six inches wide across firebox and is 23 feet long. Courtesy of End E. Stevenson, Harrison, Arkansas.
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The Townsend tractor and double Reeves at the Bird City Reunion 1956. Courtesy of A. C. Pump, R. D. 1, Imperial, Nebraska
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Edward Gocken's engine doing a little movin'. Edward is standing near the front wheel. Left to right, Thomas Plackett; Frank Clemens, all of Green Valley, Illinois. Taken at the Metho dist Church corner in 1926. Courtesy of Donald Parkin, Manit
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A 1915 N & S Double used for plowing in Kansas. No. 13896125 lbs. pressure and the picture was taken in 1953. at the Tusc Fair. Owned by Ernest Mezo, Alto Pass, Illinois
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Mr. I. B. Zimmerman of Bareville, Pennsylvania, sends us this picture and says he has no story to go with it. Can anyone identify it? If the Frick were bigger we would says it is a North Dakota scene. Too level for Pennsylvania
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Here is a dandy engine built by Henry Jordan, Ralston, Iowa. Powered with a Stanley double engine. It has 4 speeds forward and of course the same backwards. Generator and battery. Henry says, Keep the good books coming and then we'll always have good read
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Ray Ernst, of Wayland, Iowa, sends us this picture and says, This is my little friend, George Prisser of Gilman, Illinois, and his little engine, Little Toot. George's father built this engine for him when he was four years old. George has it on all the o
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Gilmar Johnson of Frederic, Wisconsin, sends us this one and says This is John Bergman, 618 97th Avenue, W., Duluth 8, Minnesota, on the 9 hp. Case, 'Editor's Day'. A rare occasion to find an Engineer (coming 11) as interested as this lad. A new subscrib
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Thomas O. Nohre of Elbon Lake, Minnesota, sends us the picture of his Minneapolis Steamer No. 7984 and he is wondering how old it is, also the Twin City 40 made in 1912 which he bought late last Fall from Fred Stuck, Morris, Minnesota. This tractor used t

Mr. Don Watters, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, says this engine was
found in an old mill near here. The boiler was once used to steam
wheat but out of use for some 50 years. The cylinder is 6 inches
from port to port, 2 ‘ in diameter, 4′ stroke. The pop set
for 65 lbs. He uses it to shred fodder, shell corn, turn grindstone
and a 30′ wood’ saw. No name on it. Hope someone can tell
me who made it. Think it is a Geiser and about 4 hp. Don made the
trailer. He also says that he has a French and Indian War cannon,
Egyptian mummey, flint lock rifle and muzzle loading shot guns,
rifles and revolvers, dog churn & many other antiques

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