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That was the first thought that entered my mind when I saw this engine in the yards at the sight of the Keck Gonerman Foundry, Mt. Vernon, Indiana, next to the boiler room. It belongs to William G. Holler, who got it in Tennessee. (Courtesy of Dee Quick,
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This is a model engine Melvin built when in high school 1951-52. He made all the parts except the gearing. It is not a scale Model so he gave a fictitious name Red Star or Melvin's little engine.
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An engine built by Frank. It is 65 inches long, 43 inches to top of stack, 22x6 inch rear wheels, 2x3 cylinder. It is not a scale model of any make. Just built from memories of engines I have worked with
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10 hp. Advance No. 2109. Said to be built about 1892. Owned by O. W. Nord and son Peter, R. D. 1, Savage, Minnesota. This engine is in very good condition except that it needs a smoke box door. Anybody have an extra?
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Miniature Frick hauls boy's little red wagon at the Maryland Steam Historical Society Meet last September, 1957. We are sorry we have no further data on the engine. Maybe the owner will write us and tell us something about it. It is a very neat and accura
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Pontiac Engineers and Officials. An 8x10 picture of this group may be had from Mr. Leo Clark, Photographer, 105 Harvey, Washington, III., for $1.00
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A stationary engine at the Lehigh Sewer Pipe and Tile Company in Le-high, Iowa. It is a 350 hp. engine and about 50 years old. It was impossible to get the whole engine in the picture because of the lack of space. Nice picture anyway.
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Keck Gonnerman engine at the Rushville Reunion 1957. The men from left to right, are Chas. Kleinknecht; Wm. H. Plump, Ed. Irons and Hy Hillenbrand. Wm. says, Mr. Hillenbrand was 88 year young last year and stayed with us all day, from 3:30 A. M. to 11:30
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20 hp. Advance Rumely owned by Clifton Gast, R. D. 2, Ewing, Missouri, with Clifton on the engine. It is a 1952 picture. It is my observation that every man who has an Advance Rumely has a satisfied look on his face. ELR
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The rear of the locomotive that was used to supply steam for the Swift Company plant at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania during their installation of new boilers showing the steam regulator. No matter the boiler pressure it only permits so much pressure to the bu
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19 hp. Keck Gonnerman engine used on the saw mill at the Mt. Pleasant Reunion, 1957.
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Reunion Gems-
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A 1923 one-ton model T truck. It was stored in 1939 and the Johnsons bought it a year ago. Mrs. Johnson says, This is our Hobby. We have one truck and three cars. We are going to start getting some old gas engines and make a Hobby of that
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Clinton Jackson's 16 hp. return flue Minneapolis No.1148. It does 40 miles per hour and it is surely a lot of fun. Eight speeds forward and reverse with lots of room for passengers
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20 hp. Advance Rumely sawing lumber near Reeseville, Wisconsin, owned by Art Frase, Reeseville, Wisconsin. I like that wheelbarrow, load of wood behind the engine also that Advance Rumely smile on Art's face Elmer
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Watching the Tiger purr on the Baker Fan at the Rushville Reunion in 1957. That was a nice one no matter whose it is
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Mr. E. T. Jones, Riverside, Washington, sends us this picture taken in September, 1925, threshing their own wheat crop with a 20 hp. Advance engine and a Case 24x42 separator. He says, We were just ready to take off when the picture was taken. We think th
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An early Iowa scene. At or near Eldora, Iowa. That is all the information we have. Maybe some of you boys can give us more.
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A C. Aultman Apron thresher bought some time ago by Ray Ernst, of Wayland, Iowa. The apron thresher was a very early type and there are very few in existance today. Ray can very well be happy that he has found such a machine
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Harrison Jumbo No. 2288, 20-65 hp. Threshing at the Missouri Antique Thresher and Settlers Reunion, July 25, 1958. Owner on the rear wheel.
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Here is a 1912 Fairbanks-Morse kerosene engine. We don't need to say it runs that is evident. Owned and operated by O. W. Nord and son Peter, R. D. 1, Savage, Minnesota. The early day tractors and gas engines may have been big and heavy but they were stur

Gilmar says, ‘This picture deserves a second look as well as a place in the ALBUM. It is proof that persistence wins. Ray Lockman, Gordon, Wisconsin, has traveled many miles in determination to own a steamer that talks. Now he has one and the whole town rejoices with him. And not the least, his grandson, Ronald Lockman, pictured here with Ray and his 60 Case. Ronald is from Anoka, Minnesota. He thinks grandpa is one swell fellow and just loves to ride on the engine. This engine has not turned a wheel for years but is now in good running order and is making up for lost time. Picture taken July 20th, 1958’

Here is an L 1 Pennsylvania locomotive that was retired and waiting in the yard for some decision when the Swift Company plant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, had to have a new boiler installed. They rented this engine from the PER and hired firemen to take care of it. It did an excellent job. The old 1914 vintage engine seems to beam all over that it is doing a useful job again and one that no diesel would ever do. Courtesy of LeRoy Glessner, Mechanicburg, Pennsylvania.

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