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Hope the Raum family gets a kick oat of this picture as it was sent in in 1950, of Walter Raum and his two grandsons going to the Fair at Hamilton, Ohio in 1947. Walter drove his 50 hp. Case at the lead of the Implement Parade around the race track. (See
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Back in the good old days somewhere near Thorntown, Indiana. Recognize anyone?
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This is our model D John Deere and 22x36 Case separator, just finished a job of wheat-boy's was it ever hot on the separator, August 3, 1951.
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Mr. Zimmerman says he has no story to go with this picture. You can see it is a good one of the days gone by at a sawmill. Maybe some of you fellows will recognize it and know the story behind it.
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This is a 50 Case engine, 28x47 separator threshing oats in August, 1958. Built in 1937. Engine built in 1922. Owner H. H. Gotthardt. John W. on the platform.
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Picture taken in March 1957 of our engines at home on a lot we
have especially for the machinery. From left to right, Tom’s 65
Case No. 34592 with cast iron smoke stack; he made the change. Next
is his 60 Case No. 29816, then mine and son Jerry’s 16 hp.
Russell No. 15425. He also has a half interest in the homemade,
which I built. Behind the upright is Tom’s side mounted N &
S No. 10903. My saw mill is in the background.

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