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Myself on 1926 Fordson tractor hauling hay in B.C. August 1949. I traded this tractor on a 1946 Case VA tractor that year and still use it on my farm.
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12-25 hp 2cyl. Mogul plowing in Saskatchewan, 1915
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Montgomery, Minn., Oct. 1961. Case return flue.
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A 7 room house that was moved in Sept. and pulled by E. Egbert and his 22-65 Case Steam engine, 3 miles. No smoke - we were using wood for fuel. They estimated the house at 40 tons.
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By joining the two pictures, you can see what quite a few of us saw in October 1961. We are sorry that this picture is a little out of focus but it will give you a good idea.
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Myself standing by 1908 Allwork Gas Tractor, Porters Hill, Medicine Hat, Alta.,May 1958
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This is my favorite picture of the Miller's Museum. Frank and Pauline at LaCrosse, Indiana. This was the grand Opening Day, May 30, 1962.

Considering the corn-picking conditions of last fall and this
winter, what more sensible way to pick corn could you find than
that pictured above? Walter M. Wharton of 1601 So. 7th St.,
Oskaloosa had this picture taken on Dec. 27 after he had placed a
wagon box on the sleigh runners he has had for 25 years and hitched
up Dick and Charlie, the chestnut sorrel team owned by Robey
Boggess. Wharton’s hand-picked eight acres of corn yielded 700

This 50-year-old engine climbs steep ramp at Western Development
Museum in Saskatoon. The veteran machine has threshed over a
million bushels of grain and has broken 10,000 acres of prairie,
and is still able to defy gravity. It’s one of many pioneers
you will see at Pion-Era. ( J.I. Case engine)

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