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The old Dowler Mill that stood near Bourbon, Mo. was built before the Civil War and was torn down about 40 years' ago. This is the Old Mill that our reunion was named after.
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Here is a picture of the C.B.& Q. No. 5632 Northern 4-8-4 oil burner steam locomotive fan trip excursion on the Burlington route Chicago to St. Paul Minneapolis in the upper Mississippi valley along the Mississippi river on the Wisconsin side Monday, July
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16 HP Advance shredder owned and operated by O. W. Bowen.
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My Model T. Ford new in 1917 ready for a Garfield Annual May Festival parade, sponsored by the local Post of the American Legion.
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Shelling corn at the elevator at Newkirk, Okla., in 1909. This is one of the first engines used in Okla., after the opening of the Cherokee Strip in 1893.
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This is a copy of a photograph of my father's outfit and was taken in 1891. The house in the picture belonged to Henry Pitstick (now owned by John Doorenbos). My father is at the wheel and his brother-in-law, Henry Crowder, is firing. John Crowder, Henry
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This is Rev. Peter Regier in 1896 at Enid, Oklahoma. Also Peter P. Regier, a Reverend, with helmet, is the engineer. C. P. Regier tended Separator, Isaac P. Regier water wagon. A new Huber rig, 16 hp engine, the last with the fly wheel is on the left side
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15-30 Gas Pull. This tractor is in nice running order.
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Here is a picture of my 12-20 old style Oil Pull taken in 1957.
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An old horse drawn wood sawing rig. The man in the middle is James Mitcham of Dunnegan, Mo. and on the post card that I had this picture taken off of is dated May 8, 1909. If you use a glass on the picture you can see an upright single cylinder gas engine
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Here is a picture of my last two engines; a 36 HP Nichols & Sheppard and a Minneapolis 40-62 Separator, threshing on the Kling Brothers Farm in 1931.
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A Canadian wheat field scene at close of W. W. I. This land cost an Iowa banker $15.00 an acre at that time.
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Here is a picture of my hobby Case Engine 65 which I had at the Stevens County Fair for three days last fall at Morris, Minnesota.
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This picture was taken while we were threshing at Fred Coldren's farm about 1936.
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Here is a picture of a Bunker Steam Coal Crane working at Windsor, Ontario, Canada. These are giving good service, even though they are getting old. Parts are now hard to get and maintenance is expensive because everything needed has to be made. Coal burn
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Here is a picture of a 4 smoke stack Pennsylvania Railroad locomotive in the 1946 schedule.
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Last sugar cane plantation locomotive retired January 1, 1964, Paincourtville, Louisiana. Westfield Factory No. 1 Porter 1898 0-6-2T coal burner, 30 inch gauge. The No. 1 along with another Porter 1908, No. 3 0-4-4T were bought by steam fans. W. T. Go
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Here is a picture of me running the 20 HP double simple Reeves Engine. This picture was taken at the start of the threshing season of 1922, probably the first two or three days. The man with the hat in his hand is the tank wagon man. The engine is belted
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Steam Engine Popcorn and Peanut Wagon, Model No.1, manufactured in 1902 by C. Creators and Co. Steam engine operates the popcorn popper and peanut roaster. Owned and restored by Dr. Krause.
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Here are three sequence shots (the cameraman must have been right 'on the ball'). This was not fully identified but somewhere in the Kinistion county, northern Saskatchewan, obviously a later model Steamer, Sawyer and Massey, I believe. She was
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20 HP Minneapolis engine I fired with straw in Minn. 1929.
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Here is a rare engine, 16 HP, of S. W. Wood of Clyde, New York. It needs a lot of work to restore it. I found it in a cow pasture.
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A 1934 Model 'C' Case Massey-Harris binder. Seated on the binder is Howard Swank. Seated on the tractor is Glover Swank. Standing are Abram Johnson and Lance Swank age five.
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This is an 18 HP. Birdsall Engine it was made in 1901 has always been shedded and is in first class condition.

I had the pleasure of working her and the No. 3 during this last
season of plantation steam power, fired and ran her each

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