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All ready for the road. A C & G Cooper threshing outfit of about 1883. Courtesy of B. L. Boyer, Chief Engineer, Cooper-Bessemer Corp., Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
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Mr. Harry Winslow of Webster, Wis., in 1954. Born June 8th, 1876, and still going strong. Courtesy of Gilmar Johnson of Frederic, Wis.
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Close-up of an 1883 C & G Cooper traction. Courtesy of R. L. Boyer, Vice-President and Chief Engineer for the Cooper-Bessemer Corp., Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
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The artists conception of an explosion scene. From the catalog of the C & G Cooper catalog of about 1880.The explanation only warned the public of buying any of their competitive products. Courtesy of R. L. Boyer, Vice President and Chief Engineer,
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An artists sketch of a C & G Cooper self-propelled and horse guided traction engine of 1876. Courtesy of R. L. Boyer, Chief Engineer of the Cooper-Bessemer Corp., Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
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Homemade tractor made from a 3? hp. International gas engine with chain drive to corn planter wheels and later changed to mower wheels. It pulled a cart for feeding, fence repair, and pumped water for the steam engine. Built by Arthur Hudachek of West Lib
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20-40 Oil Pull tractor owned by Mr. Carl Koll, R. D. 1,Columbus, Wis., standing next to the driver wheel and his helper, Ben Larson and his wife. Picture taken in 1938. Seperator is an N & S, 30x52
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Huber outfit. Engine made in 1881 and picture was taken in 1884. The engine is a traction guided by horses and has upright cylinder and crank. It has no tank as that was before the days of tanks. The separator is No. 164. This machine was used on this sam
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The Huber Thresher No.164 on the same farm as the 1884 picture was taken only its now 1915.TheHuber Company now has this thresher on exhibit at their plant in Marion, Ohio. The 1915 auto is a Haines made at Kokomo, Ind. Courtesy of H. A. Lenner, Carey, O
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Great Northern Train No. 416. Engine No. 3200 leaving Willmar, Minn., for Minneapolis, Minn., climbing a grade of 16 feet to the mile. The train consisted of 95 cars, 4500 tons. Mikado type locomotive, 28x32 inch cylinders. Drivers 63, 210 pounds steam pr

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