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The sawmill owned by August Mirk, third from the left in the picture. The sawmill is a Birdsell and was located at Thresa, Wisconsin. It was purchased about 1900 and was used every year including 1928. The engine is an Avery 20 HP Return Flue and a very
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Keystone drilling machine that I want to give you credit for helping me find. In your Mar.-April 1958 issue you inserted a note that I'd sent you. Mr. Allen Blinn of Kittanning, Penna. knew of this machine and here it is. I intend to restore as near like
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Will he make it??
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Going up!!
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Can't you imagine something like this coming through town today-a big city about 5 o'clock traffic!! Wow!! Anna Mae
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I have never noticed any 3060 Rumelys in your magazine and am enclosing one of ours. Five of us got this engine out of a scrap yard and have equal shares in it and it's on loan to Agricultural Memorial Museum of Manitoba At Austin, Manitoba, Canada.
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WHEW! Success.
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Jumbo owned by Tony Rinski, Mt. Vernon, Illinois.
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This picture was given to me by a friend and as far as he could find out they had been tearing d own an old house. It was taken about 1905 around 10 miles north of Mansfield, Ohio. It is a Russell Separator and you said at Montpelier that it was a N&S en
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18 HP Peerless Engine and 32' Red River Special Separator near Pernell, Iowa, August, 1919.
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Here is a picture of the silo filling scene near Lancaster, Wisconsin in 1914. The outfit is a 16HP Advance Steam Engine and a Bell City Filler. I am the owner and operator.
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This was taken about 1906. The engine was a Case, but I do not know the number of the model. Note the extensions on the wheel which 'Whiskers' patented and was testing when I took this photo. For field work the sections were reversed and made a
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Here is a picture of a 1917, 65 HP Avery Engine. Locomotive boiler and side mounted. Very few of this class built.
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This picture of an Eclipse-Frick, No. 33534, 8 x 10 cylinder, owned by Clarence Nutt was taken Sept. 12, 1958 at the Maryland Reunion, Upperco, Maryland.
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Team of oxen at Pion-era 1958, Saskatoon.
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This picture of a Minneapolis, 14, HP, Engine was taken in 1904. The pop valve held but the main flue didn't. Hind wheels reared up and came down on the coal wagon. A small boy was sitting on the wagon, how he escaped only God knows. No one seriously hurt
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Here is a picture of a steam rig. I'm sure the readers know which one it is. The man on the rig is orrville Kindam, Gonvick, Minnesota.
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Rolling ash ph alt in Lorain Co. in the year 192 5. It was a Buffalo Springfield bought in 1924. I was her engineer until she was traded in for a gas roller in the early 30's.
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Noah Corn's Peerless Engine grading a road in the 1920's.
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This picture was taken from a Southern Lumberman Magazine. I do not remember of ever seeing a 3 wheel steam engine.
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Ready to leave for Willmer, Minnesota from southern Kansas, a 35-120 HP Double Cylinder Nichols & Shepard Steam Engine. It was bought in Sept. 1960.
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Here is a picture of a Baker Engine preparing beet ground on the Rice farm near Huntington, Indiana possibly in the early 1900's. Mr. John Raber, standing near the engine, is the owner of the engine.

These pictures were taken at the reunion at Wichita, Kansas in
1952. Mr. McMillen is the engineer.

I think these 3 pictures show a feat many of we folks who
haven’t been to ‘steam meets’ could never imagine. This
is one of the many contests that are part of the Reunions. And
I’d say this one is quite thrilling. Just picture yourself on
that engine at that angle Whew! and then to get it stopped on time!
Anna Mae

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