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White Mountain Central Climax No. 6 in the Kancamagus Shops at Lincoln, New Hampshire. This locomotive is getting a new set of gears cast up.
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Ralph Dickerson Standing by his 24 lip. Greyhound Engine.
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Cutaway traction engine boiler to show principle of boiler to curious spectators of Milton's Steam-Era 1968.
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20-65 Nichols & Shepard owned by Allen Kimmel of Kimmel, Indiana. This engine is seen each year at the ''Old Time Thresher Show''.
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21-75 Baker engine owned by Donald Schwenk of LaPorte, Indiana. This engine has been at the 'Old Time Thresher Show' for the past several years. Don is one of the active members of the LaPorte Historical Society show held each year near LaPorte, Indiana.
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I was visiting a cousin in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho and ran across this picture of a Reeves outfit taken about 1912. There were three brothers of Mitcham's and all three were engineers. Albert Mitcham ran this one in the Big Bend country of Washington. Now, t
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These two small pictures are Elmer Sontag and his mules, cutting oats to be threshed at the Washington, Missouri town and country Fair last August. Threshing was done with a 1908 Jumbo 17 Hp. and an 18 Hp. Gray hound engine and Wood separator. All acted w
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This is a picture of my 12 Hp. Russell which at one time was a horse drawn engine. It was built in the late 1800's. I purchased this engine about 15 years ago from ; Frank Ponqrotz. It was then used for threshing grain and sawing logs, and is still being
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These two small pictures are Elmer Sontag and his mules, cutting oats to be threshed at the Washington, Missouri town and country Fair last August. Threshing was done with a 1908 Jumbo 17 Hp. and an 18 Hp. Gray hound engine and Wood separator. All acted w
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Harry Woodmansee and his engine, a 40 hp. Case waiting in the parade line-up. The small model engine seen on the center right side is a model Port Huron owned by John Narwold of New Haven, Indiana.
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C. B. Gullekson on Minneapolis Engine he operated in 1915.
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Sometime ago I was at a friend's home Mr. Harold Eubank. He showed me this picture and I am sending a copy to you.
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Case 25-75 Hp. single cyl. No. 43298. The owner is William Clem of Manassa Virginia. The engine appears to be in superb condition.
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Reunion Gems
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This picture of this engine and crew was taken near York Co. Jail, York, Pennsylvania, more than sixty years ago. Anyone that is a reader of Iron-Men Magazine and has any information of incident, I would like to hear from them. When this picture was given
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This picture was taken about 1914 on my father's farm near Reynolds, North Dakota. The rig belonged to my brother-in-law, Louis Austreng and is an Advance 36 inch separator and an 18 hp. Advance engine. My Dad, Anton Lebacken is standing on the separator
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The Waterous steam fire engine owned by the city of Jordan, Minnesota. The city bought it in 1889 and used it until 1925, then bought a new fire truck.
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This photo was taken in the early 1900's near Barnesville, Ohio. At that time, the woods were full of sawmills. On the power end is a 16 Hp. C. Aultman Star Portable engine. Note water jug on tool box. There is a 50% chance it may have contained cider. It
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This picture was made from a very precious and very old picture my sister has now, which was taken maybe about 1905 - as one of my older brothers thinks. He was just a small boy at the time. He thinks the machine was an Aultman and Taylor, although he say
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Nichols-Shepard engine owned by Kenneth Lewis of Jackson, Michigan. This engine can be seen doing plenty of action at the ''Old Time Threshers Show''.
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A road locomotive built by Johnson and Holt, Burford, Ontario. Carries many enthusiastic adults and children each year at Steam-Era, Milton, Ontario.

Peter Thompson, the shop superintendent, has his hand on one of
the gears to be replaced, while Edward Clark, the Railroad
President, looks on.

This is the Frank and John Eubank outfit about way between
Cunningham and Lind, Washington. It was about 1908. This is in the
‘Big Bend’ country of Central Washington. People might
wonder what the Big Bend means, but if you look at a map of
Washington and trace the Columbia River, you will see that it makes
a Big C or Bend. In this bend, now lies the great Columbia basin
that is irrigated by the Grand Coolee Dam.

Mr. Eubank’s picture is 8′ x 10′.

In 1966 and 1967, Ermin Morretl of Jordan and William Olander of
Carver rebuilt the fire engine. They put in a different boiler and
new flues. It is in very good shape and works real good.

The men numbered in the picture are 1. Earnest Evert; 2. Fred
Hardecopf, the engineer; 3. William Leifheit; 4. Charly Neuisis.
The group of farmers in this thresher company all were about 4 – 6
miles south of Yorkville, Illinois.

Pictured here is a comparison in size of a King size steam
engine and a small size steam engine which are seen performing
annually at the King Farm, Kings, III., during the second week-end
in August when North Central Illinois Steam Power Show, Inc., puts
on a 4-day event of old time agricultural farming. All of the field
work is done with steam engines, old gas tractors, and with horses.
About 150 pieces of ancient machinery and farm equipment will be
seen at the show this year in use and on display. In operation
daily will be steam and horse power threshing, evolution of
plowing, the sawmill, shingle mill, baler, baker fans, and a
gigantic parade. The big steam engine in the picture is owned by
George W. Hedtke of Davis Junction, III. It weighs 22 ton and is
believed to be the only steam engine of its kind and size in the
state of Illinois. The smaller steam engine in the picture is a
Port Huron and is it owned and operated by Doris Lindenmeier of
Cherry, Illinois.

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