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This photograph, sent by Mark A. Corson, 9374 Roosevelt St.,
Crown Point, Indiana 46307, was taken in the fall of 1998 at
Bangor, Maine. The tulip poplar being hauled on the trailer is 38
feet long and four feet at the butt. As seen here, it’s all
ready for the sawmill, where it resulted in 2,000 board feet of

Gary Yaeger, 146 Reimer Lane, Whitefish, Montana 59937, sent
this picture taken in September 1998 at Carl Mehmke’s annual
plowing day. Gary writes, ‘On the last round of the day, we
lined up the four engines for a picture by Michigan resident Karen
Johnson. In the cab of the lead engine, a 1911 Case 110 HP, are
engineers Carl Mehmke and Don Bradley. At right on the 12 bottom
John Deere is me, and Mason, Michigan’s John Schrock. Somewhere
on the same plow is Graham Sellers of Coldwater, Michigan. The next
engine is Carl’s 20-70 HP Nichols & Shepard double
cylinder, operated by the California contingent of Dean Ailing and
Jake Williams. Ailing holds a Montana traction engine license. Next
in line is Carl’s 1907 Case 32 HP engineered by Dave Vanek and
Larry McKenzie. Last in line was Carl’s 75 HP Case plow engine.
I was the engineer and Nick Poncelet was my steerman. Also notice,
between the lead and second engine, slightly to the rear,
Carl’s Square Turn plow tractor.’

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