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The photo was submitted by Troy Pauson, 5463 Pawson R.D., Tipton, MI 49287.
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The cover engine is a 20-60 Aultman-Taylor of 1911 vintage,
serial number 7822. Owner of the engine is C. F. Brigham, M.D.,
3926 Pine Point Road, St. Cloud, MN 56301, who says that in his 10
years of subscribing to IMA he as never seen a picture of an
Aultman-Taylor in the magazine!

Gilmar Johnson’s first riga 28 X 46 Case with a 10-20
McCormick-Deering tractor, Johnson (of Rt. 1, Box 259, Frederic,
Wisconsin 54837) bought this machine for $600 in 1946

Gilmar Johnson’s first riga 28 X 46 Case with a 10-20
McCormick-Deering tractor, August, 1952the steam rig in action at
the Wisconsin farm of Art Knauber. Johnson’s 23 X 54 Avery
‘Yellow Fellow’ just unloaded from lowboy, 1958

Harry Falstrom is pictured. Gil-mar Johnson’s story,
‘The End of an Era’, appeared in the November-December,
1986 issue of IMA.

This is a 20-60 Russell #16764 made in 1918 and still in very
good shape according to its owner, Lloyd Faust. ‘The lugs and
gears are like new. It has buttstrap boiler, Michigan inspection
allows 150 lbs. pressure P.S.I.’ Owner Faust lives at 600 S.
Main, Vermontville, Michigan 49096.

This is a 19-65 Port Huron engine made in 1920. This engine was
awarded the LeRoy Blaker award in the spring of 1986. The owner is
Tracy Powers of Tecumseh, Michigan.

This scale model of an Advance engine was originally built by
the late Max Borchert of Mankato, Minnesota and is now owned by
Bernard Kroll of Janesville, MN. This photo was taken at the 1983
LeSueur County Pioneer Power Show.

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