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A 1916 picture at Omega, Minnesota. It is the threshing rig of Korinta Brothers. Chas. is the engineer and Rudolph the separator man, Jim water man, Frank fireman, and Joe was the flunky and not in the picture. A 20 hp. Gaar Scott, rear mount with a 36 in
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Stack threshing at the West Central Minnesota Threshers Club Reunion, Dalton, Minnesota, 1956. Minneapolis separator with Garden City wing feeder. (I saw this machine working in 1959 reunion. The first wing feeder I ever saw in the flesh and blood. I aske
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The front view of the 8,000 dollar Museum built this past summer by Mr. and Mrs. Elden of Oslo, Minnesota. It is beautiful inside as well as outside. It is filled with very rare antiques coming mostly from the Elden family and originating in Norway. The E
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A trainload of happy youngsters the only one of its kind giving rides in this section at the present time. This train was all built by us. The engine has a code boiler on it so we can commercialize with it. We have been giving rides with it during the sum
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The hand thresher that Mr. Elden of Oslo, Minnesota, brought back with him from Norway in 1958. It was exhibited at the Rollag Reunion this 1953. To us it would be a hand crancked Groundhog thresher. We understand the cylinder makes 20 revolutions to one
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East bound freight, Great Northern Railway. Engine No.2818 Mellet handling drag of grain cars so long you can't see the other end of it. Year of 1956.
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Case semi-model owned and built by Walter Sieger, Seymour, Indiana. Mr. Weller says he drove this engine on July 4th which was Pekin's 125th anniversary. The engineer is Arthur and Elmer Martin looking back and protecting the rear. Chas. Shepherd of Pekin
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Kitten Traction Engine No.216 built in 1926.Owned and operated by H. W. Dafler, Miamisburg, Ohio. Taken September 1956 in front of the grandstand at Eaton, Ohio, Preble County Fairground during the parade of steam engines. And on dead center Elmer
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24 hp. Minneapolis. Mr. Olson says, 'I have threshed about 20 years and I like steam. The last engine I had was a Gas 35-70 and a 40-64 Thresher. I quit 8 years ago.
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Mac Keller's saw mill at the National Threshers Reunion, 1956. The engine on the mill is Forest Williamson's 23-90 Baker. You can also see Jack Egbert's 12 hp. Frick on the buzz saw. Mr. Thompson is off bearing and Mac doing the sawing.
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