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A very early steam car, constructed by a Mr. Sidney George Soame of Marsbam, in Suffolk. Built some 60 years ago with Duples cylinders 4x6. The drive is through a two speed gear (spur gears) to a counter shaft and finally by a flat belt to each rear wheel
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The traveling domicile of the Rev. Elmer L. Rilzman, esteemed publisher of the IRON-MEN ALBUM, who should not hide his light under a bushel by neglecting to publish this. Photographed at Kinzers Reunion 1959. (We always hesitate to publish a picture of ou
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Had a good time taking pictures at the Central States Reunion in 1958 and here is one I never saw before. Didn't get a chance to get the name of the owner. Anyone happen to know anymore about it?
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I am enclosing a picture which I call 'Satisfaction.' It shows Mr. Dean Schellhous of Davenport, Iowa, with his 20 hp. Advance Rumely on the Prony Brake at the Mississippi Valley Old Threshers Reunion at Maquoketa, Iowa, this fall. The engine ha
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Upright sawmill erected by the Clough Bros., in 1938. Vertical saw blade at right of upright frame member. Examine with magnifier. Cors wood saw and corn crusher in the foreground
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One of my little steam engines. 3 inch bore by 4 inch stroke. Rated 2 hp. I have five engine 1 to 4 hp.
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20 hp. Aultman Taylor marooned in the mountains of Washington. No chance to get out. 'If I had an engine like that I would give getting out a try 'Elmer
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Reunion Gems
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Mr. C. R. Miller, R. D. 1, Box 3A, Yacolt, Washington, sends this very clear picture of his 10 hp. Advance and gives us an invitation to his 6th annual get-to-gether,1959.We didn't make it but we appreciated the invitation.

25 hp. Huber new in 1924. Stack removed for clearance in
transport. Note small turbo generator unit on top forward providing
electric lights. This engine was used for 30 years by the McVean
Brothers, Le Roy R. D. 1, New York, to run a 36×58 Greyhound
thresher, Bidwell bean thresher with 50 inch front cylinder, saw
mill, ensilage cutter and various pea viner installations. On one
occasion this rig threshed 5,000 bushels of oats in 10 hours. Had 4
men bagging and 10 teams and wagons drawing. Photo taken in 1957 in
front of Wolpsberger Museum, Honeye Falls, New York, where engine
may be seen.

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