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We are pleased to present this picture of our good and long-time friend, Mr. Emery C. Forman of Tacoma, Ohio, with some of his collection of pictures. His living room and parlor are literally covered with this type of pictures.Emery is one of two old time
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Pictures of our Western Washington threshing Bee. The girl is my daughter. The 3 separators are all Case, the engine a 16 hp Russell. We had 2 rigs that threshed all day. A 50 Case engine and 30 x 50 Russell Separator. Also a Compound Russell for relief e
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The line-up at Miller's August 1 and 2, 1959, Yacolt, Washington. Engines are: In mill, 16 hp A & T No.7883; center, 10 hp Advance No.815; First in line, 6 hp Advance, No. 1729; 2nd in line, 12 hp N & S, No. 4632; 3rd in line; 13 hp Gaar-Scott, No. 10291;
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Saginaw Valley Stevens
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Taken August 2, 1959 at Michigan Steam Engine and Threshers Club, Carlton Park, Hastings, Michigan. Sawing lumber with A. D. Baker steam traction engine owned by George-Ken-Lewis, Rives Jet., Michigan.
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Basil Buckmaster, Eureka, Montana, on his way home from the Lincoln County Fair Grounds, August 28, 1960, where he was exhibiting his rig. He gave the 'Small Fry' a ride they will never forget (not because it was so speedy)
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Husking corn on the Weier Bros, farm in warren City, just north of Detroit, Michigan. It is a New Idea Shredder and a Port Huron engine, Serial No. 8234.
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2' scale model of the Case 65 hp 1915 model steam tractor. A beautifully made model that has to be seen to be appreciated. All copper boiler tested 250 lbs. operates at 85-100 lbs.
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This is a good picture of my big engine lathe. Bought same from Railroad Shops. You can see how I moved it into shop and use today on many jobs. It takes a whole steel cylinder from a threshing machine to tune up shaft bearings. This shop is out on farm
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