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Jay is planning lumber near Devils Tower, Wyoming. He is perched on his little 'Case' steamer.
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6 hp Phoenix center crank skid engine made in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
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A fine Sawyer-Massey engine at the Pion-Era, Saskatoon, Sask., in 1959.
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16-65 double Nichols-Shepard pulling a 28 inch Rutnely separator. I purchased the engine in Missouri at New Frankil. I also have a sawmill which I use the engine. The engine runs fine and is in good shape. It is being operated by my two boys, Jody and Jim
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Bought this 28 hp Minneapolis No.8052 primarily for sawing lumber but find many other uses for ithere it is being used to 'tamp' corn silage with good results. Sept. 1959.
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Here is an interesting engine that will appear on the Christmas Greeting Cards of the Shelly DeWees family, 1250 First St., N.W., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He promises a write up on the engine in an early issue of the Album.
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Mr. LeRoy Pilling of 611 'D' Ave., National City, Calif., is building a Double Star engine. The dimensions are: Length of boiler, 39'; Diameter of drive wheels, 16' and face 4'; Bore 1-7/8 and stroke 2; and the boiler pressure wil
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Engine built by The Enterprise Co., Columbiana, Ohio. Owned and formerly used by Carl Erwin, Harrison, Arkansas.
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The Chief's grandson at the Pion-Era, Saskatoon,Sask.,Canada,1959.
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Indian Chief and his two sons at the Pion-Era, Saskatoon, Sask., 1959.
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