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A beautiful 40hp Peerless on a saw-mill at Pion-Era, Saskatoon, Sask, 1959.
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Mr. Richard Rornig, Rothsay, Minnesota, and his Case. We have no further information and we are not sure we have his name spelled right, however, it is a nice clear picture and we like that. Elmer.
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Wade Brothers 16 hp D.C. Nichols and Shepard pulling a six bottom Avery plow at their farm near Whitewater, Wisconsin.
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Reeves 32 hp C.C pulling a 14 bottom plow at Saskatoon, Canada in 1956.
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My grandfather's Huber Threshing Rig moving on Rye Beach Road west of Huron, Ohio, in 1904. Rig was owned by John F. Rhinemiller who was accidentally killed January 10, 1912, at a railroad crossing near his home. The outfit was operated by two sons, Arthu
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This is Jiggs with his recently acquired Baker, 21-75. He's very proud of it as he tells us he has been a steam enthusiast all his life -- he'll be 50 this year. His father operated a saw-mill, shingle mill and threshing machine.
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Aultman Taylor engine belonging to Harry Woodmansy of Dowling, Michigan. This was taken at the Huntertown, Indiana, meet 1957. I was in the height of my glory piloting this engine. Harry's pipe made more smoke than the engine if you did not put more than
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Let your light shine . . . and Tom Me Bath could throw forth quite a bit of light with all these fine table lamps made from whistles, pop-valves and lubricators. He tells us bronze bells make novel shades but are hard to find, We think the lamps are very
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3 inch scale case (that's all the information we have, sorry!)
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Reunion Gems

Engine was a 16 hp and Separator was 28 x 54 Huber with the
first mechanical Feeder Granddad had. The company came to our place
and installed the feeder for him in the fall and after New Years
they went west of Huron and threshed a job to try out the new
feeder, going some 5 or 6 miles.

Note feeder table folded up over the top. Old Ben (off horse on
water wagon) would kick it out of shape every time he was hooked to
the Separator. After Old Ben passed on it was folded under again as
it was quite a strain to put it over the top. Granddad and three
sons, Art (my father), Fred and George operated threshing machinery
for 55 years until 1915 when Dad sold the Rig and bought a 1916
Olds which he drove 11 years. When gas went up to 11 cents a
gallon, Dad laid the car up as it cost too much to run.

I have a written testimonial from Granddad (John F. Rhinemiller)
to Huber Mfg. Co., Marion, Ohio, as to the merits of their
machines. This was cut out of a Huber Catalogue but do not know the
year. If anyone has a Huber Catalogue with this in it, I would
appreciate hearing from them so I could buy a catalogue or a copy
of one.

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