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This is a picture of the boiler explosion at Dowagiac in May 1908. The boiler was owned by Geesey Bros. Hoop Mill. Five men lost their lives in the explosion. No pictures of the boiler were available. It was a bricked-in type boiler and both flue sheets w
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Here is a picture of my 1' scale Advance traction with Minneapolis features that was built from memory after 39 years absence from operating them.
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26 hp Reeves and 4 Deering binders cutting wheat on C.P.R. farm at Bassano, Alberta, 1914.
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Sawing in April 1942 on Rapid River south of Baudette. Bud Hamilton on the old Advance.
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This picture was taken on my farm west of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota in August, 1952. This machine is used every year for threshing and is in A-l condition. It is a Case Engine, 15 HP.
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Courtesy of F. D. Gallegher, 1900 Beacon Drive, Eugene, Oregon
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Here is a picture of my 16 HP Heilman Engine, No. 2574, with Arthur New and Alan New, age 7. Arthur New is the grandfather of Alan. This engine is in pretty good shape. It has the wooden front axle support and I think it is a rare engine. I recently purch
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Here is a picture of us threshing in 1916 on the Thompson farm a few miles south of Dalton with a 36-56 Minneapolis Separator and a 22 HP Peerless Engine. I am at the throttle.

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