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20 hp 'Jumbo' Engine made by the Harrison Manufacturing Company, Belleville, Illinois, and owned by Mr. Everett F. Pyle, St. Jacob, Illinois. This Engine was exhibited and working at the new Reunion at Highland, Illinois, in 1960. It had a good
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A 30-60 Hart-Parr and a 32 x 52 Red River Thresher. Taken in Kelso, Sask., in 1928.
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One of my father's outfits-a Springfield Portable, built sometime in the 70's or 80's, 6x8 cylinder. Note the wooden wheels. The thresher, I am not sure of the make, might have been a Champion or an O. S. Kelly. I was just 4 years old when this picture wa
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Double cylinder composite Model with wolfe reverse. Engine is 20 inches long by 11 high and weighs 24 lbs. Owned by Mr. Wallace E. Wood of 54 Laredo Drive, Rochester 11, New York. See 'Notes from the Empire State' by Claude Abbert in Jan-Feb 196
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Pictured is my latest engine and the second one I have built. I made all the parts and patterns. I am going to stick to this size boiler. It is 12' x 63'. The front wheels are 4' x 18', the rear wheels, 7' x 27', the flywheel
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Mr. Zahratka's threshing rig he had in the 1959 Threshing Bee at Montgomery, Minnesota, on the Bartusek Farm, Compliments of Steam Engine Tom, friend in crime with Steam Engine Joe.
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Robert says, 'I bought the engine but the wheels, boiler and steering are my own ideas.' It is not finished yet so we will look for a finished picture later.-Elmer
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Here is a 20-40 Kiso. Hart-Parr which I run breaking brush land at Stonewall, Manitoba, in 1928. A very nice outfit to handle. It is pulling a 24 inch Scrub Plow.
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My 'Little Toot',? scale of the Robert Bell engine company, Sea-forth, Ontario. Took me 5 years to build and I run with 125 lbs. of steam - sure runs swell and weighs about 450 lbs. or better
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