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80 hp Case No. 277 01 bought a couple years ago by Ed at Morden, Manitoba, Canada.
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Bucyrus steam shovel taking bite in rock face.
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July 4, 1959. Threshing wheat with an old box built in 1910. 36 x 56 Woods Bros, feeder.
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Pictured is a discarded engine I located a mile north of Quimby, Iowa. I don't have much information on it. Picture was taken November 11, 1960. It is an Advance in flood ground of river flowing from Cherokee to Quimby. As you can see it is embedded abo
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Out behind the barn - old 1712, 22 hp, carrying the mail with a clear stack at the Connor Brothers farm, Evansville, July 4, 1959. That is me backed up against the flywheel, but Ben Boch got in the way. I think that is my brother Earl with his left hand o
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A line-up at Mt. Pleasant. Left to right: Kelly-Springfield, Advance Rumely, Wood Bros., A & T, and Rumely. The performing grease monkey on the Advance Rumely is Floyd Carter, Monmouth, Illinois.
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A twenty ton H. K. Porter, narrow gauge steam locomotive. It was in service until three years ago (1957) hauling phosphate in Maury County, Tennessee. George is in the cab and the owner. He says the engine is in good running condition. (I would just love
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Big four 30 x 60 - 3 binders cut. 1911 to 1920. Tractor still used.
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No need to dig a trench silo when you have a 12 ton packer like this!
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