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Case 20-60 engine No. 1185, 1907. Baker valve.
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A Canadian engine, something we do not see too much of, known as a McDonald Engine and made in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Similar to a Baker engine. It is owned by a Mr. Wise and restored by Mr. Andrew Beal of Simcoe, Ontario in 1959. (It looks to be in
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An aerial view of the Kent County Pickle Company, Inc. One fourth million bushels of pickles are processed each year from July 15th to September 15th. That is a lot of pickles as far as I am concerned! We were happy to receive a box of six different kinds
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16 hp Reeves cross compound. We had just put in new flues. We all like a Reeves.
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This is my 15-45 Case belted up to a silo filler in 1958. This engine was built about 1905. I also have a 65 Case skid engine mounted on rubber tires. I have a sawmill and use steam for power.
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Sawyer-Massey steam engine, 17 hp, in first class condition. Made in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1921. The engine was in the Christmas parade, one which was not only watched by thousands of people lined along the streets, but it also was televised. We had many
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This picture was taken 12 years after Dad sold the rig. This is an 18 Horse with 20 horse undermounting which Dad had built especially for him. The man on left is Mr. Henry Stacker of Monroeville, Ohio. This was a good engine.
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