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Herman Curtis crew and threshing rig September 10, 1909. 1800 sacks of grain in nine hours.
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Gilbert Warnock with 10 Hp. Nichols & Shepard, No. in the 3000's.Date is 1906 at Rising Sun, Iowa.
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A calliope that I rebuilt for the 40 and 8 in Lebanon, Indiana. It is a Tangley built about 1924. This photo was taken during dismantling.
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Here is a photo of my wife and my sweetheart. This version of the eternal triangle is a happy one. We both take turns cleaning and operating it. Engine is a 1909 or 1912 Lang & Button, made in Ithaca N. Y. It originally ran a sawmill in Pennsylvania until
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This is a picture of a covered bridge about 10 miles south of me. This bridge is still used and has an eight ton load limit on it. They used to cross it with steam rigs.
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This is a picture of strength and power as the Reading Iron Horse No. 2102 crosses the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg Pennsylvania on Sunday. October 1963.
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Photo taken in May of 1962. A burrell 5 Hp. single crank compound built in 1915. Weight is ten tons. Good boiler, retubed and a new roof. Owned by Mr. Pearse.
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A miniature of an English Ajax steamer. This does not correspond to the usual picture of the English steam tractor, which looks clumsy and unbusiness like compared to American steamers.
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4 - inch scale Russell steam traction engine, built and owned by Philip Laudon, 2616 North Amherst Ave., Orlando, Florida. Boiler is protected by ''Aquadene'' when not in use.
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Looking down, from back of the driver's seat, at the controls of Mr. Laudon's Russell. Old timers will agree that they have entire authenticity.

Parke County, Indiana, is the Covered Bridge Capital of the
World with 38 bridges all in use.

Jackson Bridge is the largest single-span Covered Bridge in the
U.S.A. Built in 1861, it is 207 feet long and crosses Sugar Creek
below Turkey Run State Park, in Parke County, about 8 miles
northwest of Rockville, Indiana, an hours drive from

But I have seen photos of English steamers, exported to South
America, that have lines similar to those here shown. I do not know
the scale, probably it is inch.

The same Russell engine. Mr. Laudon is nearest engine, looking
down at it. Seen by itself, in Mr. Laudon’s garage one
doesn’t think of it as small engine. It is only when these two
photos are ranged together, that humor enters the picture.


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