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40 Hp. Case No. 31150 new in 1915 owned by Elmer. This was taken at the Centennial Parade at Chatfield, Minnesota in 1953.
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A 65 Hp. Case I ran in 1947 threshing.
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Mr. Mitcham sent us this picture and article taken from the magazine ''Small World.'' It is from their fall issue and we thank Alfred S. Lyons, of ''Small World,'' Volkswagen of America, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632 for permission to reprint t
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Herb Ottoway, of Wichita, Kansas loaded his Locomobile Steamer on a trailer and brought it to the Steam Power Club Meet in Tucson, Arizona. As most every one knows Herb is interested in anything that runs by steam.
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A 32 Hp. cross compound Reeves and 12 bottom steam lift plow. They were breaking sod on Ed Erickson farm 8 miles southwest of Redfield, S. D. This picture was taken in 1910. The owner of the engine was John Flater, standing on the plow. The engineer was D
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Picture taken October 31, 1966, of Elmer Ritzman's Korn Krib at the back of their home in Enola.
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Holt steam-type crawler hauling Marion Shovel on Los Angeles Aqueduct Project, 1908.
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The picture belongs to Edward Rysz of Cicero, Illinois. It shows our sawmill at the La Porte County Historical Steam Society Show. The boiler is a six by twelve foot Ohio wet back return flue and carries 150 pounds of pressure. The engine is an 11 X 13 po
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1903 Stanley with 6 Hp. engine 2'' x 3'' and 6 Hp. Boiler 14'' x 13 .
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The engine in this picture is an Aultman & Taylor, side bevel gear traction drive, front and rear wheels are of wood construction. This engine was built about the year of 1869. It was restored and owned by Herman Berwald of Water-town, Minnesota.

The mill is a Hill-Curtiss with a three bunk carriage and sixty
inch saw. It also has an American edger.

The separator is a Minnesota Chief, hand feed, equipped with a
straw carrier. I have no information on size or year of
manufacture, owners of separator are the Bain Bros. Picture was
taken Aug 7, 1955 at Howard Lake Fair, by Merle Jones of Little
Falls, Minn.

A VW boiling over? Impossible! unless it’s a steam-powered
Beetle. The work of Richard J. Smith, of Midway City, Calif., the
engine is a modified outboard motor and it will run on almost
anything that burns: gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner, No. 2 fuel

Smith’s steamer wooshed him cross-country to attend a
meeting of the Steam Automobile Club at Greensboro, N. C. He made
the entire trip in fourth gear, using the standard VW transmission
and a full head of steam.

Designing and building the engine took less than a month and
more than $4,000. Previous conventions saw Mr. Smith arrive with
but not in other steam-powered creations, including a portable
generator, a go-kart and a surf board.


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