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An 18 Hp. Aultman & Taylor. Picture taken in 1947.
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Arnold Land and Richard Moore, 1935 11th Street, La Verne, California brought their Stanley Boiler and engine castings to the Steam Power Club Meet in Tucson, Arizona to show the quality of work they are doing in restoring antique Stanleys as well as maki
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This Doble Steam Automobile is owned by Barney Becker of Walnut Creek, California. Barney keeps this steam car in perfect mechanical condition and says That the speedometer is on it's second time around. Completely automatic in every respect it was driven
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This traction engine is a Belgian model. I have no idea how old or what make it is. It is much more intricate than our models, with a winch for raising the stack, brakes, flywheel governor and other articles of interest. This seems to be a portable engine
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Portable Boiler for steam operated engine at 1967 ''Rally''. Wm. Wakefield, owner, of Angelica, New York14709.
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1911 Frick ''Contractors Special'' threshing. Walter White, engineer at Rally. Owner is Ernest T. Wells, Jr., 40 Church St., Box 186, Delevan New York 14042.
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