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A while back my son and his wife drove back to Michigan and asked me to go with them and I was very glad to do so. We stayed in a Motel in Cheyenne, Wyoming and across the street from the motel was a park. In this park is the largest steam locomotive that
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There is a sign in front of it with a description that says: ''Big Boy'' - The World's Largest Steam Locomotive - Built in 1941, Big Boy was designed especially for use by the Union Pacific Railroad on its rugged Cheyenne to Ogden, Utah run. The mighty 40
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Dad's amusement park train in Couchiching Beach Park, here in Orillia.
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The ancient NEW BIRDSALL steam farm engine of about 1895 created great interest at the Zolfo Springs Steam and Gas Engine Show on the 1st & 2nd of March 1969. The engine was tended by its owner, Mr. Earl Smith, U.S. 27 South, Dundee, Florida 38383.
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Homer F. Holp's 16 Hp. Advance Reeves and tender.
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American Abell Speis & Roll. Broke through loading platform in the early 1920's.
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John Holp Jr.'s 20 Hp. Advance, Number 13439.
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C.N.R. freight engine No. 3580 - 2-8-2. You can see the open door of my shop in front of the engine.
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T. Turner's Case 75. I ran this engine fourteen falls. I built the cab on it. It was a great help on cold days.
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