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Case 50 hp, No. 32553, in winter quarters. It snows sometimes in Arkansas. Engine owned by Carl.
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Minneapolis 24 hp, No. 8682, built in 1924.Engine is in A-1 shape and has been exhibited at Pontiac the last two years .Engine owned by yours truly and Roy Reams, Taylorville, Illinois.
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Case model, 1/5 scale of a 60 hp built by H. L. Hunsley. Picture taken in 1958 at Pontiac.
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A Nichols & Shepard engine of 1880 and its picture taken in 1898. The man on the horse is Marvin's father, John M. Bentley and he lived in Mercer, Pennsylvania. Notice the governor is on top of the dome. Also notice the brace on the wheels to keep the eng
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1924 Rumely Oil Pull tractor 25-45. This tractor had not been used for thirty years until we bought it in the spring of 1959. In the fall we threshed over 4000 bushel of oats with it using a 28 x 46 John Deere straw walker thresher. The engine has only be
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Wabash locomotive that ruptured its crown sheet (see Mr. Blaker's article on page 14 of this issue). Low water was the cause. It happened on the Wabash Railroad January 3, 1937 at Adrian, Michigan about 30 miles northwest of Toledo, Ohio. Engineer Roy Mea
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Engineers present at the National Threshers Association Reunion at Montpelier, Ohio, 1960. An 8 x 10 copy of this picture may be obtained by sending $1.00 with name and address to: Charles Wermer, Box 46, Montpelier, Ohio.

This is an ‘Alligator’ box-type horse power operated Hay
Baler — the only one in operation in the entire U.S. It will be in
operation at the Wisconsin Historical Steam Rodeo, Inc., at
Luxemburg, Wisconsin, Labor Day Weekend – September 4 and 5. The
sweep power used with this unit is not shown. Height is almost 10
feet. The rear wheels are 5 feet in height. 3 wires are used on the
bales which are huge and weigh up to 225 lbs. each. The bale is
removed from the side through a door in right front of baler. The
baler is about 75 years old and owned by Orwin C. Burmeister of
Kewaunee, Wisconsin. It sure is an antique and rare machine!

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