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Bill Arnett, is the proud owner of this 1885 Stillwater Engine. Construction number 2723 it is rated at 10 horse power. Has a cylinder 7 x 12 and runs at 200 RPM. The boiler is a return flue type with a small diameter corrugated furnace flue and 17 2 inch
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John Slattery, of Spearville, Kansas together with his brother Will are the owners of this 80 HP Case Engine. In excellent condition it was purchased new in 1914. Construction number 31506. It has threshed for many years in Ford and adjoining counties. Re
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Climax no. 6, shop no. 1551 built in 1919, Class C, 70 ton, 3-truck std. ga. Photo made in spring of 1967 at Ellamore, West Virginia. It is now still at Ellamore, but property of the Steam Engine Museum, Rossville, Georgia.
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Pictured is the engine I built when I was 80 years old. The weight is 3000 pounds pulling a half scale Avery separator built by Garret Havelaar of Hudson, South Dakota. It is threshing at Harris, Iowa show and the picture was taken by Harry Kaiser of Suth
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A '' scale locomotive bought at an auction. It is not all finished yet.
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A 28 Hp. Minneapolis with Mr. William Mayberry of Niobrara, Nebraska operating the engine at our Eastern Nebraska Threshing Show.
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New Giant return flue engine and a 36-56 Nichols & Shepard separator owned by Phil and Will Wenger threshing on one of the Blanchard farms about 10 miles southwest of Lamar, Missouri in about 1919 or 1920. This is Phil scooping in coal. He ran the engin
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Some photos that some of the Iron Men readers might find interesting, Wonder how many of the steam fans attending the shows in Iowa know that there is an engine taken from a Mississippi river steamer in the Lower level of the old Mill in ''Wild Cat Den''

When built mill used a huge overshot wheel in basement, but was
soon replaced by the more efficient turbine. This mill has been
very well maintained by the state, along with the park camping
grounds and is well worth the time to go through. It has been open
to visitors on Sundays through the summer months.

Will try to get some interior shots this summer and send in.
Wild Cats Den State Parks is east of Muscatine and can be reached
from either highways 22 or 61.


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