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This picture was taken in 1915 at Vantage, Saskatchewan, Canada. The only information I have about this is that the man standing on the plow is Ed Olsen and the plow is a seven bottom John Deere. Would like to have some information as to kind of steam eng
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This is my uncle, Sebastian Pfutzenreuter, breaking the land that I now live on that is located 8 miles southwest of Hecla, South Dakota. This fine picture was taken by Frank Marquardt in 1907. It shows quite a contrast to the big steam and gas engines th
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From ''The Country Gentleman'' Plowing in the Great Northwest for wheat in the fall of 1919. Big Reeves 40 pulling the disc plows.
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This picture shows a different use for a steam engine which was used to cook apple butter in a steam kettle at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles McMurray, RFD, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. He used his Case engine.
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From ''The Country Gentlemen''(in the 20's) Reeves threshing machine on the Good Hold Farm near Mentor. Ohio, run by B. J. Ruetenik.
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Half size Reeves engine with cab built by Haston L. St. Clair in 1965.
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Half-size Reeves engine without cab, built by Haston.
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Wheat field in July, 1966.
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Bob Hauetter and his new double, cylinder which he built.
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