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Threshing at my home in October 28, 1967 by the 45 Hp. Case engine and a 28'' x 46'' Case threshing machine. Same engine as is on the sawmill picture over 40 years ago.
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20 Hp. Advance engine owned by Glenn W. Clemens threshing on the Herman Lucht Farm north of La Valle, Wisconsin in 1924. This engine was used for threshing around La Valle until 1933 and then Mr. Clemens traded it for a Rumely Oil Pull Tractor.
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Pictured is a Case 45 Hp. engine, No. 26229 and Enterprise sawmill. This set was near Petersburg, Ohio, just south of the Ohio Turnpike near its junction with the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It was taken in March, 1927. The sawyer was Wm. R. Hamilton of Mahoni
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Here is a picture taken on the main street of Ritzville, Washington about 1912. It must have been a stunt or a parade. They are hauling seven loads of wheat. It looks like a 1911-22 Hp. Minneapolis to me. Note the trailer. It is a copy of the trailers the
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18 Hp. Colean engine owned by George Wicklander in the Golden Jubilee Parade at Washburn, North Dakota in June 1957. This engine is now in the city park in Washburn.
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Here we are, all set to thresh Oats on the Ruby Ragsdale farm near Kearney, Mo. August 1967. The young lady about to step off the engine is Alma Cage of Kansas City, Mo. The Gentleman behind her, Adjusting his hat is yours truly. The gentleman in the chec
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Burton Ohio meet in September 1967. A fine Peerless with all wood spokes fine shape!
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80 Hp. J. I. Case - 1913. Restored in 1960.

The history of the Colean engine is very unique. I was serving a
congregation in McClusky, North Dakota at the time of the Washburn
Golden Jubilee and they scouted the countryside to find an engine
for their parade. I was quite surprised that they found a Colean
engine way out there because I am of the opinion that there are not
many Colean engines left. I saw one at the Central Illinois
Threshermans Reunion at Pontiac, Illinois in 1954. That was the
only Colean engine I had ever seen there. I wrote a letter to the
Washburn Leader paper last summer and they sent me a snapshot of
the Colean engine in the city park so I know it is still there.

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