403 Center Street, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

In the Sept-Oct 1960 issue, Mr. Marcus Leonard says he sold an
Advance 36-60 separator to Ed J. Streckfus of Salina, Kansas. I
have worked around several different makes of machines, three of
them being Advance and all three were 36/56 separators. I never
heard of a 36-60 Advance before and would like to have comment from
other readers. Of course, after 1912 when Advance and Rumely merged
the separator was 36-60.

Also in March-April 1960 issue is a 15 hp engine owned by Emery
Johnson of Rice, Wisconsin. That is the first Advance of that size
I ever heard of. Over 50 years ago there were two 16 hp Advance
engines in this vicinity.

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