REPORT OF THE Rough & Tumble Engineers Reunion

By Staff

The Rough and Tumble Engineers annual Reunion was held Thursday.
Friday and Saturday, August 18, 19 and 20, 1955, at Kinzers,

The first day, Thursday, was very wet and unpleasant as
hurricane Diane was just passing by. Many folks drove through high
water and very-difficult traveling conditions to reach the affair.
Friday and Saturday the weather conditions were ideal and the crowd
rolled in from ten states other than Pennsylvania, to number
approximately 7,000.

The hydraulic Dynamometer was a new attraction this year; also a
fan used simply to make the engines snort was in evidence. The R
& T Railroad was in full swing as was the ‘Steam Joy
Buggy’. The Groffdale Steam Hobby Association had charge of the
miniature and hobby engines. A total of eight home built tractions
were in operation under their own steam, and smaller engines of all
types were furnished steam with lubrication by LeRoy Ebersol’s
beautiful Buffalo Springfield steam roller.

A number of good flailers put on a very nice exhibition of this
old-time method of threshing to start off the Threshing
Demonstration. The sweep power threshing was more successful than
ever as Sam King’s big Belgian horses, driven by Raymond
Smoker, seemed to enjoy putting on an exhibition. For the hand feed
threshing, feeders were lined up and allowed to feed about six
sheaves each. The load of, sheaves was finished before the last in
line had an opportunity to perform.

The cafeteria was again in operation and took care of the
apetites of the crowd in a satisfactory manner with steam cooked

The management wishes to thank every one who helped in any way
to make the 1955 Reunion a success.

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