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In 1892 the J.I. Case T.M. Company delivered a specially built
traction engine to the Ringling Brothers in Baraboo, Wisconsin.
This engine was later returned to the J.I. Case Company in

Among the 150-plus cities and towns visited in 1892, nineteen
were in Nebraska, with two stops in Pawnee City, Nebraska.

Below is a copy of an article ‘Hercules, the Iron
Horse,’ from the York Independent, Friday, May 20, 1892, and
was sent to me by the York County Historical Association, Inc.,
York, Nebraska.

Hercules, the Iron Horse

A mammoth highway locomotive, that darts hither and thither
through the streets, running as easily on the roughest road as the
finest passenger engine glides along its tracks of steel, is one of
the striking features of the gorgeous street procession that
precedes the exhibition of the Ringling Brothers’ World’s
Greatest Shows, which will be seen at York, Friday, June 3rd. This
mechanical wonder is utilized to draw one of the many sections of
this all-feature street parade which has proven so popular. As it
moves, its great steam-pipe organ thunders out ringing melodies
that can be heard for miles and miles away, proclaiming to all that
the great procession is actually in motion, and that Ringling Day
is at last inaugurated. Nothing so impressive as ‘Hercules’
has ever before been exhibited free upon the streets of any city,
and nowhere, save with the Ringling Brothers’ circus, can it be

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