(78 Yrs. young), Ash Grove, Missouri

1.  When you enter the engine room, spit on the floor. We
have water, lye, soap, mops, and brushes, and we will clean up as
soon as you leave.

2.  Rub your hands on all polished work. It will give some
one work and use the surplus polish.

3.  Put your hands on engine’s bright work. You will
then know if it is smooth, hot or cold. Tell others to do the

4.  Stay in the engine room as long as you please. The
engineer has nothing to do but entertain visitors.

5.  Be sure to tell the engineer if his engine is pounding
or running right, as he will not know it unless you do. He will
stop and make repairs while you wait.

6.  Don’t tell the engineer who you are. He is a mind
reader and already knows you. Go anywhere in the engine room and
you will please him.

7.  Advise him what to do, as you know best. The engineer
is only there every day, and does not have a chance to see as much
as you will in an hour.

8.  If the engineer is busy making repairs, tell him a good
story you heard the other day, and, if possible, get in his

9.  Be sure and tell all you know. It won’t take

10.  Call again, and repeat as above.

March, 1896

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