Calgary, Alberta.

The whistles are blowing again to-day, The steam and gas engines
are chugging away;

Arlo, Doug, Tom and Ernie are in a glow Cause it is the start of
the Saskachimo Show.

But let’s look back a few weeks or more When we wives were
all headed for the store.

Arlo needs ‘underwear and razor blades’, he rants; Doug
needs overalls; Tom needs pants;

‘That size won’t fit me’, yells Ernie, and ‘no
not that color’, ‘We’ll need lots of shirts; can’t
you fill that bag fuller?

Hey, where is my cap and my gloves and shave lotion?

Where’d you put my steam papers? Get out of slow motion.

We each need a sleeping bag, blanket, coat and toothbrush,
Towels, soap and oil can, and tools. You better rush.

There’s only a few weeks before they start the show, Sure
wish that we were all packed and ready to go.

We’ll have to have some money and the credit card for gas,
Better clean the car up and don’t give me any sass.

We greased all the thingamajigs, and put air in each tire Just
in case the axle breaks, we’ll take along some wire.

Don’t do this; and don’t do that; and try to get some
rest. You really helped us to get packed, we know you did your

Now the week-long show is over, and they’re all back home
once more, They look tired, dirty, but happy, as they come through
the door.

So it’s back to the old washboard to get their clothes all
clean; To leave the dirt and oil on them would really be too

They’re really glad to see us, at least that’s what they
say; But a wistful look bedims each eye, at the close of day.

They think of all the fun they had, and all their show time
pals; But they know to prepare for next year’s show,
they’re going to need we Gals.

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