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Sellers' improved planer of 1880, from another poster.
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Not long ago, one of our frequent contributors, Mark Corson,
sent us several copies of posters published by the Saul Ash
Company, that had been passed along to him by Lewis Woods of
Mustang, Oklahoma, at the Pawnee Steam School. We thought some of
them might be of interest to our readers, so we sought permission
to reprint them. In the process, we learned more about the company,
which may be of interest to our subscribers.

In October 1996, The Saul Ash Company was purchased by Steven
Forsythe, current president and CEO of the firm. The business is
now located at 2225 S. Richmond in Tulsa, OK 74114, and can be
reached by phone at (918) 743-0707.

In the early 1970s, the company’s founder and namesake, Saul
Ash, produced high quality lithographic prints on linen. Started by
a small group of historians, artists and printers, the company
specialized in the research and fine reproduction of unusual
technical machinery and inventions. Most of these prints were
derived from an inventory of hardbound scientific, engineering and
medical journals from the 1800s through the early 1900s.

Of particular interest to our readers would be those of
engineering subjects, such as the steam man featured on the
opposite page, with the above description. Among the postrs we have
seen are Planing and Shaping Machines, The Metalworking Lathe, The
Giant Interoceanic Ship-Railway, The Art of the Blacksmith, The
Grinding Machine, and A Giant Steam-Powered Air Compressor. The
litho prints are produced on beige linen, 12′ x 18′ and the
firm offers several framing options. We appreciate the
company’s permission to reprint one of the images here, for the
enjoyment of our readers.

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