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George with his 50 HP Case that he restored. This picture was taken in 1958. Courtesy of George W. Hedtke, Box 26, Davis Junction, Illinois 61020.
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George not only restored the 50 HP Case engine, but a few other items as a 16 barrel Case water wagon, a 28 X 46 Case separator a 32 X 54 Case separator. The old hay baler in the picture belongs to the Northern Illinois Steam Power Club, Inc. Picture take

R.D. 1, Claysville, PENNSYLVANIA 15323.

The 16th Annual Reunion of the Tri-State Historical Steam Engine
Association was held on September 22 and 23, 1972 at the Hookstown
Grange Fair Grounds in Hookstown, Pennsylvania.

The reunion was once again a huge success. The weather was good
and the equipment and spectators were there in abundance. Well over
4000 people were present to watch the activities during the two day
reunion. Although many of the people in attendance were from
Pennsylvania and nearby Ohio, some came from as far away as

The daily activities at the reunion included threshing, baling,
sawing, feed grinding, shingle making, clover hulling and a
professional wood chopping demonstration. Evening activities
included a garden tractor pull under the nippy September sky and a
large indoor square dance.

Equipment in operation at the reunion included nearly 100 gas
engines ranging in size from small models to a large combination
gas or steam engine from an oil well. Steam equipment included
nearly 20 traction engines, a steam electric plant, a Keystone
steam driller and many small but beautifully made steam models.

Also in operation was a 110 HP Case engine. In addition, there
were about a dozen gas tractors ranging in size from a Farmall F-12
to a Cat 60 and a 20-40 HP Oil Pull. Other equipment present
included several antique cars and trucks, a dog-powered churn and
many implements and items from back on the farm. All of the
tractors and engines were in operation and participated in the two
daily parades.

A good time was had by all and everyone is looking forward to
this year’s reunion. It will be on September 21 and 22, 1973 at
Hookstown, Pennsylvania and will be even bigger and better than
last year’s get-together.

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