Show Report- Berryville, Virginia

Route I, Berryville, Virginia 22611

The Shenandoah Valley Steam and Gas Engine Association’s
annual show at Berryville, Virginia, this July proved bigger and
better than ever. More than fourteen states and two foreign
countries were represented in the largest attendance the show has
ever had. Approximately 10,000 people attended over the three days,
July 24, 25, and 26th.

The large numbers of traction engines, gas tractors, gas
engines, antique cars and models attracted all who attended.
Various other items which their owners have restored and had on
display included feed and grist mills, ‘rams,’ water pumps,
old gas powered saws, sewing machines, corn shelters, antique
bicycles and washing machines.

The blacksmith and foundry worker attracted much attention with
their skills.

Pony rides for the children in an old fashioned buggy and wagon
were a new attraction this year. Sawmilling and threshing proved to
hold the interest of all, as they usually do at a steam

The steam calliope was on hand Sunday with its musical notes
drawing a large crowd.

More participants in the flea market made this quite an
attraction. New novelty stands and the addition of apple products
and cider sold by the club proved quite popular. There was also an
exhibit by local artists and several displays of old pictures and
newspaper clippings.

Many campers enjoyed the spacious, shaded grounds and stayed
throughout the entire show.

The 1970 president, Paul Giles and Show Chairman, Dallas
Williams, were well pleased with the cooperation and help all the
officers, directors, exhibitors and other helpers gave in making
this year’s show the safest and most successful one yet.

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