2518 Skyline Dr.Beloit, Wise. 53511 Secretary

A little news from southern Wisconsin way. On the date of this
writing Jan. 26th we were having snow, strong winds and some ice,
which all together wasn’t a very desirable day. But for those
who can think of the days in the not too distant future of getting
the gas tractors, steam engines and other equipment out of their
cold silent quarters and ready them for the summer activities, it
does help make a day like this pass a little easier. An Xmas party
was held in mid December at the school at Milton Junction, Wise,
for the members and families. A good pot luck dinner was served, an
exchange of presents and movies were shown and a good time was had
by every one.

A general membership meeting of the Rock River Threshree was
held on January, 22nd at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Durst of
Beloit, Wise. The purpose of the meeting was to present the annual
report to the members and the election of directors. The officers
and directors for the year 1967 are as follows.

Marvin Helgeson, Janesville, Wise., President; Melvin Cassels,
Janesville, Wise., V. President; Lloyd Hornbostel, Beloit, Wise,
Treasurer; Glenn D. Beedy, Beloit, Wise., Secretary; Duane
Richards, So. Beloit, Ill., Director; Walter Durst, Beloit, Wise,
Director; Fred Thomson, Milton Junction, Wise, Director.

After the meeting was closed the general conversation became
typical of a gas and steamoree club get together. Some movies were
shown and a lunch was served by Mrs. Durst. She was assisted by
some of the members wives on this task. The activities of the Rock
River Threshee will get started off again this spring by having the
Rock River cannon ball train ready to run by Memorial Day week end.
It will be in operation each sunday for the rest of the summer
until the last of September, So you folks who would like to ride a
steam train throw the camping gear in the car and spend a weekend
with us-lots of antique equipment to see and plenty of room to roam
around. Naturally, we think it is a good place to spend a weekend.
(However some times there is a difference of opinion around our
house when the subject come up Ha.)

The Rock River Threshree Inc., Known as Threshermans park
agriculture museum is located 5 Mi. North of Janesville, Wise on
U.S. Hwy. 51. And our permanent annual show date is always held on
Sat. Sun. & Mon. of Labor day week end. Any one who desires
more information on the Rock River Threshree please feel free to
contact me at any time.

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