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Courtesy of Leroy Blaker Alvordton, Ohio. Dedication of the marker June 26, 1959 L. to R. Rev. Elmer Ritzman, Merle Newkirk, donor of the plaque; Guy Bunyea, donor of the Port Huron wheel; LeRoy Blaker; Dan S. Zehr (deceased).
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Courtesy of Morris E. Cleveland, 1701 Indiana Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66044 This is a picture of my steam engine rig that I built.
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Courtesy of Laurence Mitchell, Route 1, Galien, Michigan 49113. This is my 19-65 double cylinder Keck-Gonnerman, No. 1648 that I purchased in November from Jack Plant of Michigan City.
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Courtesy of A. R. Shade, 9831 Aldridge Drive, Columbia Station, Ohio 44082. Here are three photos for use in Iron-Man Album. I have no information as to where they were taken or when, and am hoping perhaps one of the readers can throw some light on them.
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Courtesy of B. Bryant Young, Young's Point, Ontario, Canada. These pictures were taken while I was at a wheat threshing held on the farm of Mr. Allen Byers of Atherly, Ontario on August 12, 1967. The engine is a 1923, 25 HP Robert Bell, built in Seaforth,
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Courtesy of Don Gwaltney, Route 3, Taylorsville, North Carolina 28681. Perhaps this is Don with this old boiler - there was no information with the picture. It's a good clear picture though and I thought you steam buffs would enjoy and understand it. - An
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Courtesy of James M. Barnhart, 3746 Winter Garden Road, Orlando, Florida 32805. The Russell and the Woods Bros are quite companionable!
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Courtesy of James M. Barnhart, 3746 Winter Garden Road, Orlando, Florida 32805. The Russell parades before the grandstand -- but the viewers are on the ground giving a gimlet-eye once-over to all the varied machine?, most of which bring memories of long-g

JUNE 26, 1948

The engine was built about 1892 by the Brown Machinery Co. of
St. Louis Mo. It is six HP, 4 5/8′ bore, 6′ stroke,
horizontal stationary engine. This engine, I am told, was
originally used in Oklahoma to pump oil. I purchased the engine in
1965 and made several new parts to restore it back to good running
condition. Had the engine and a 7 Hp upright steam boiler set up in
my basement, then decided to build the rig so I could take it
around to steam engine shows. I go to about ten shows a year in
Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. This last summer I took it to Madison,
South Dakota. I am a member of the Heart of America Steam Engine
& Model Assn. Inc. at McLouth, Kansas.


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